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Sick by zo1515
Sickby zo1515
WARNING: Sick Dave, like really sick such as puking. Cursing too. Dave basically gets food poisoning and him and Bro are left to figure out where this random sickness ca...
  • homestuck
  • bro
  • sickdave
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The Prince Of My Heart *Legolas LOTR* ~Completed~ #wattys2015 by Taym99
The Prince Of My Heart *Legolas Taylor
Raina; Gracious. She was very young when Sauron attacked her city. Her father, Lord Mēhadöta, sacrificed his life in order to save her. He put her on a horse and told he...
  • gandalf
  • strider
  • legolas
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Strider Sex Slave by DragonessZombii
Strider Sex Slaveby DragonessZombitch
Your name is ________, and you've run away from home. You called it home, but really, it was a horrible nightmare. You were screamed at everyday by your father, a man w...
  • fanfiction
  • slave
  • alphadave
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love letter to my bully (davekat) by mishaisbae1
love letter to my bully (davekat)by Jeff/paris
karkat is bullied by his crush Dave is his crush I DON'T OWN ART OR HOMESTUCK
  • davekat
  • karkat
  • strider
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Cooler Than Me [Dave Strider x Reader] by You-KanDoAnything
Cooler Than Me [Dave Strider x Kade
Your name is [name]. You are 17. You are friends with Jade, John, Rose, Dave, and the Trolls...well the ones still living. You have been so glad to be friends with every...
  • homestuck
  • davestrider
  • strider
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It's Funny How You're Almost Here With Me (STRIDERCEST) by homestuckwreckedme
It's Funny How You're Almost Ryker (they/them)
This is a Homestuck fanfiction. Sadstuck and Stridercest. Don't like?? Don't read! No sexual content.
  • strider
  • dave
  • dirkstrider
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Aleana and Aragorn by RubabShaukat
Aleana and Aragornby FanFicLuv
Aleana is the daughter of Gandalf the Grey and a dear friend to Frodo Baggins. When the ring falls in the possession of Frodo, Gandalf asks Aleana to look after him, hel...
  • gimli
  • sauron
  • thefellowshipofthering
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Homestuck One Shots by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck One Shotsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Homestuck one shots. Now adding Hiveswap too.
  • hiveswap
  • strider
  • homestuck
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Just Admiring From Afar by prince_eri
Just Admiring From Afarby Erin Orihara
Dave wouldn't say he was afraid to ask Karkat out. No, he wouldn't say that at all. He was just a little hesitant, was all. Talking through their windows and the occasio...
  • dave
  • strider
  • homestuck
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psycostriders by homestuckbabe
psycostridersby homestuckbabe
the striders kidnap a kid and shit goes down -Alex
  • dirk
  • phycostrider
  • striders
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The Roles We Play by BStrider
The Roles We Playby BStrider
It is a time of rejoicing in the kingdom of Necht, the threat that has hung above them in the form of the dreaded Demon Lord has been defeated. Yet things are not quite...
  • strider
  • demon
  • play
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Coffee and Cigarettes 「Johndave」 by sadpopsicle
Coffee and Cigarettes 「Johndave」by lee
John and Dave have been best bros for years. What the hell could be any different to visiting each other?
  • johndave
  • dirkjake
  • johnegbert
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My life in Alternia by sword_art_online_
My life in Alterniaby sword_art_online_
When a girl finds her and her friends sucked inside the world of homestuck,things are a bit chaotic. From a crazed fangirl to a sober Gamzee..What will happen?
  • sobergamzee
  • cal
  • strider
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Homestuck AUs by LilyBanker
Homestuck AUsby Lily Banker
This is a collection of different AU stories featuring the characters from Homestuck. If you read, please give me any feedback that I should know. Thank you, and I hope...
  • aus
  • strider
  • fanfiction
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Legolas FF- She stole my heart. by Blu_pen
Legolas FF- She stole my No Name
"A burgler?!" "A pretty damn good one."
  • hobbits
  • middleearth
  • legolas
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Ask The Author by toxicblaze
Ask The Authorby Meadow Palmer
This is the book where you can ask me (The Author) about my fanfiction! Or questions you have! such as... .Myself (anything really, i will answer most questions except f...
  • knight
  • came
  • writing
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ENTER==>Reader x Dave Strider by OtakuHomestucker
ENTER==>Reader x Dave Striderby Chiiii
yes, thats right. H O M E S T U C K B A B Y
  • homestuck
  • strider
twins(magcon) by heyhey4545
twins(magcon)by izabella
Striders the twin of Mathew and when she moves to a new schoole she meets Nash
  • mathew
  • nash
  • strider