Chapter 8: Three More Days

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Chapter 8: Three More Days


<Dave’s POV>


There are only 3 more days left till you finally see John. Rose was asking you some weird questions about your crush aka Egderp. You decide to ask her straight what does she want.

turntechGodhead [TG] began pestering tentacleTherapist [TT] at 11:11 a.m.

TG: rose

TT: Hello, Dave.

TG: i am going to talk to you straight now

TT: Are you usually talking gay? XD

TG: not funny rose

TG: whats up with john so you are asking me about him so much

TT: Your feeling for him are mutual.

TG: did he tell you??! so he legitly likes me back??

TT: Yes, you can go ahead and ask him out. You will make a cute couple.

TG: *happy fangirl sounds*

TT: Wow, losing your coolness here?

TG: Striders don’t lose coolness

TT: So is our other brother also a fangirl?

TG: i wanted to tell you about that…

TG: he is not

TG: he is dead

TG: …


TG: he died from cancer few months ago

TG: he left me a note that said: “ Bro. Sorry that I left you so soon. Im sure you are a strong man now and will take care of yourself. You will win this Game. Where making this happen.”

TT: Did he know? How?!

TT: Thanks for telling me, brother I need some time to think. Good luck with John.

TG: wait rose

TG: okay i understand you need time to think it all over

TG: you never really met him but he was the coolest person ever

TG: he was a hero

TG: okay I m gonna talk to you later

TG: bye rose


This conversation caused you to have mixed emotions, John likes you back and you are the happiest person ever, but Rose brought up your brother and you decided to tell her. You wish you could see her again, she became really close to you, like a real sister. But was she serious about John? That dork actually likes you? Well, you knew that, but woah he actually decided to talk to Rose about it? That means a lot. 3 more days. Three days until you see that cute little shit and finally tell him everything. Your heart start beating faster, and you feel your blood running through your veins. You absolutely love him.


You decide to start packing up, and you get a large suitcase from your closet. Shit! There is a large hole right in the middle. What the fuck? You don’t remember it being here. You guess you’ll have to go to your bro’s room and borrow his. You haven’t been here after the Game ended. You will probably become super nostalgic and emotionally touched, but you need a fucking suitcase. You walk to his room and open the door, going directly to his closet and taking thing that you wanted, you were turning around, as you saw a note sticking out his pocket. You decide not to break his personal privacy, but curiosity took over. You take the crumbled paper and read it “lil bro. your trip is hella important. go for what you want immediately. its not the end. try to not fuck shit up completely. you will do great lil man.”


What the fuck was that?!!! He just. He just. Oh my god. You almost fainted. Your dad brother left you a note that literally tells you to go for John and don’t fuck up, cause it is not the end. What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!!! You decide to think about it later with Rose, for now you took the suitcase to your room and will be throwing shit inside.

You take like 7 identical T-shirts with your record sign, a lot of skinny jeans, sweaters, some other jackets (red of course) and just random closing that you might need in the North in the beginning of spring. You pack one of your many headphones and on the top you place your carefully wrapped masterpiece for john. You made sure there is no way it can be damaged, and closed your suitcase. It was getting pretty late, so you decided to go to sleep. 3 more days...

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