Chapter 16: I Got You A Present

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Chapter 16: I Got You A Present

<John’s POV>

It your birthday tomorrow. This is going to be the best day ever. You have the person you love here, with you and all your friends will talk to you via Skype.

Dave and you got up and began preparing. You decided to clean the house, which took you about 3 hours and you almost broke Dad’s favorite harlequin figure. But you did it. Dad was baking cakes in the kitchen, though you have no idea why do you need 7 cakes if it’s only you two and him. 

Then you began decorating your house. You have no idea why, because it’s not like you are throwing a party or something. But Dave said that 17th birthday is not everyday, so it has to look beautiful. 

After you finished you and him just bumped on the couch to catch a breath. 

"So are you ready to become a year older? Almost an adult heh?”, blonde boy looked at you.

“I don’t really feel anything special.”

“I have a present for you.”, he whispered in your ear.

“You already gave me one when you came don’t you remember? Your beautiful sculpture? Heheh.”

“Come upstairs with me.”, he grabbed your hand and you went to your room.

“So what is it?”, you were very curious.

“So the door in the center that you wanted to open? Here is the key.”, he gave you a little silver key.

You opened the miniature door. You took a small black box out and opened it. It was a beautiful combination of black gold and diamonds. It is beautiful.

“Dave…I love it…”, you were almost crying.

“I want this ring to symbolize my love, and promise that if you won’t find anyone better I will marry you as soon as we both are ready.”

“There is no one who can possibly be better than you.”, you hugged him, when he hugged back, slightly rising you in the air.

“Hey we forgot the candles for the cake.”, you just remembered that. “I’ll go to the store and be right back.”

“Do you really have to go now? We can do that tomorrow.”

“It will only take few minutes, don’t worry.”

“If you say so…”

You got in your car and started it. You quickly drove to the Walmart and bought some candles. On your way back you decided to stop by the flower store and get red roses for Dave. You bought that and were turning to your house…

Bang! Something crashed into your car. You feel pain, so much pain. Everything is red and every body part hurts. Your head hurts the most, you try to get off, but you can’t move anymore. The last sound you heard was Dave, you tried to yell but there was no sound coming from your throat. You see his face and whisper, using the last bits of energy you have:

“I will always love you.”

And everything goes into darkness...

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