The Dhampir (Repost) by insaneredhead
The Dhampir (Repost)by insaneredhead
**THIS IS A REPOST OF A BOOK I TOOK DOWN A LONG, LONG TIME AGO** "Dhampir. Most believe that your kind are merely legends. It's rare to see a live Dhampir. Part vam...
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Homestuck imagines ~Slow updates~ by Stamp_Crab
Homestuck imagines ~Slow updates~by Noodleneck 💀
Basically everyone from Homestuck... ⚠️Slow updates, you've been warned⚠️ Will do girls only by request!
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Outcast (JohnKat) by erisolshipper
Outcast (JohnKat)by ESS
John Egbert, a high school guidance counselor, is faced with the challenge of raising one of the lowest bloods of the pets known as Trolls. Is he up for the challenges...
  • erisol
  • gamzeemakara
  • davestrider
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The Nightmare (A Davekat Story) by Davekat_Fever
The Nightmare (A Davekat Story)by Davekat_Fever
Karkat Vantas is having a very detailed nightmare each night. A man chases him in his dreams and aims to kill him. What happens when he meets Dave Strider. Will the nig...
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Murder House AHS 2 by AprilAshleyAguila
Murder House AHS 2by April Ashley Aguila
"Can a heart still break, once its stopped beating?" "I got shot in the chest and "Heart" 17 times but I never felt it, I never felt the bullets...
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Savior's by Music_is_my_sanity
Savior'sby profangurl
"N-No! G-get away from me!" I scremed but be before I could run away a hand gripped my hair and was dragging me back into the darkness. _______________________...
  • bryanstarz
  • andy
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Did I Really Just Say That? (Pepsicola/DavexJohn) by spunkysalamanderr
Did I Really Just Say That? ( oof
Dave Strider is your stereotypical popular kid. Or at least, that's what everyone thinks. Dave has got quite a bit of secrets that no one else in the world can know. So...
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Self-loathing and cold-weather.(Human!KARKAT X SUICIDAL!READER ) by AestheticTv
Self-loathing and cold-weather.( AestheticTv
(y/n)= your name H/c = hair color E/c = eye color F/a and F/s = favorite artist and favorite song. !!Warning!! Strong use of profanity and self-hate. ALSO really cut...
  • fanfiction
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  • kankrivantas
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Black Bird's Cry by minty_ducks
Black Bird's Cryby Chocolate.
A story that contains Heinoustuck!Dave remembering his brutal past and falling for a certain blue-eyed nerd. (Cover art is by me, please don't repost it!)
  • johnegbert
  • davestrider
  • okaytherearealotofcharacterssoiwonttagthemall
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Finally a Hero by Eridan-Captor
Finally a Heroby I’m @historvert NOW
A davejohn fanfic
  • egbert
  • strider
  • dave
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Tricks of the Trade (Discontinued) by PyroInfinite
Tricks of the Trade (Discontinued)by S T A R G I R L
Fresh out of college and excited to start work, John Egbert signs up to be the personal assistant for the founder and CEO of a well known 'toy' company. Little does he k...
  • dirkstrider
  • roselalonde
  • janecrocker
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Smash Or Pass Youtubers  by xXBloodyRiotXx
Smash Or Pass Youtubers by Kirstin Biersack
welcome to my smash or pass youtubers it seems like my band members one everyone liked so I decided to do this one enjoy
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  • sebastianmeepz
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Im Johnnie Guilberts sister by Cassie_whitaker
Im Johnnie Guilberts sisterby Cassie 💕
I'm not good at bios but this is about two twins finding out they are Johnnie's sister. They have many troubles along the way but they all make it.
  • andybiersack
  • mde
  • wattys2017
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Sup'? - A Davekat Novel (Soulmate AU) by yourbeautifulmother
Sup'? - A Davekat Novel ( yourbeautifulmother
Karkat has been waiting for his mark as long as he can remember, but when it finally appears, things don't go quite as he'd hope. Cover credit goes to Ikimaru on Tumblr...
  • solluxcaptor
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  • johnegbert
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With Eyes to Hear and Hands to Speak by hckin_nerd
With Eyes to Hear and Hands to On Other Sites
John is the new kid, with everything that comes with that title; awkwardness, shyness, and attempts to make friends. Except all of this is made even worse with the fact...
  • davestrider
  • humanstuck
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Emo Boy X Reader | The One I Need by I_Am_Miss_Quentes
Emo Boy X Reader | The One I Needby Kelly_Bear
  • copeland
  • vicfuentes
  • johnnieguilbert
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The Life of Hayley Fuentes~Freshman by TheRobbyExchange
The Life of Hayley Fuentes~Freshmanby Robby
Version 2 of my book series. New Jersey resident Hayley Fuentes was only 14 when her family discovered her harming way of life. Instead of sending her to the hospital th...
  • ronnieradke
  • maxxdanziger
  • hayleyfuentes
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John x reader x Dave by CeruleanFoxes
John x reader x Daveby CeruleanFoxes
John x reader x Dave
  • dave
  • johnegbert
  • strider
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Up's & Down's by cosmosalien
Up's & Down'sby cosmosalien
John Egbert. The new nerdy kid at school, he didn't make friends well but he caught the eye of a cool kid. And when he was at his lowest point he got a text, that surely...
  • davejohn
  • johnegbert
  • davestrider
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Homestuck x Reader {GRUB EDITION} by CandyKitty222
Homestuck x Reader {GRUB EDITION}by Lake
Okay, this is going to be kind of unique. I'm not doing any that involve relationships in this book. This is going to be where either the reader is a grub or the Homestu...
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