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The Outsiders Imagines by witheringwaterfalls
The Outsiders Imaginesby t
This book has one imagine for each of the main characters in 'The Outsiders'. Enjoy!
Homestuck smut by Young_Trash101
Homestuck smutby Young_Trash101
Literally porn with no story.
❁ℕ𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕘𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕟❁ //completed\\  by chaoticwinston
❁ℕ𝕖𝕧𝕖𝕣 𝕗𝕠𝕣𝕘𝕠𝕥𝕥𝕖𝕟❁ // 𝐞𝐦𝐦𝐚♡
Johnny lives with his two parents and his baby sister Ava who just turned 4 years old. But after Tragedy strikes Johnny is left blaming him self
With Eyes to Hear and Hands to Speak by hckin_nerd
With Eyes to Hear and Hands to On Other Sites
John is the new kid, with everything that comes with that title; awkwardness, shyness, and attempts to make friends. Except all of this is made even worse with the fact...
No Homo by fandoms_and_bacon
No Homoby fandoms_and_bacon
Pepsicola fanfiction cuz aww ^u^ Basically, there's no game and everyone's in high school. Also, the cover belongs to ikimaru.tumblr And I don't own any part of Homestu...
Vampirestuck: Suddenly Falling For You (A Davejohn Fanfiction) by kuro_chan100
Vampirestuck: Suddenly Falling Kuro B
John had a normal life, he lived alone in his apartment and worked at his family's coffee with his dad and sister, but his life changed drastically when he met his new n...
Pepsi Man X Reader [COMPLETED] by FluffyEnderPug
Pepsi Man X Reader [COMPLETED]by FluffyEnderPug
Requested by my friend Lena This is a narrative story so please start at chapter 1 and go from there Also this is a joke please don't take it seriously. I hate self inse...
Well Shit - [DaveJohn] by Beanisnotonfire
Well Shit - [DaveJohn]by ∶Albino Hairless Dick Monkey∶
John and Dave decided to move in together not long after finishing college. They both enjoy the company of each other thoroughly. With this comes many surprises and flu...
Buckteeth and Sunglasses (Pepsicola)  by fanaticOddball
Buckteeth and Sunglasses ( inactive
When Dave moves, he doesn't expect his best friend/crush to be there too. Dave seriously hopes they could start a relationship. The only problem is, John isn't a homosex...
Please, Get Me Through This... (A JohnDave Fanfic) by Cella_Reads
Please, Get Me Through This... ( Ella & Christi
A John Egbert x Dave Strider fan fiction, I hope you enjoy!
imagines//the outsiders  by nuclearwiener
imagines//the outsiders by jackie ♊︎
damn started 09:11:2017 ended 10:21:2017
Finally a Hero by Eridan-Captor
Finally a Heroby I’m @historvert NOW
A davejohn fanfic
All About Us (DaveJohn) by CorvusRooves
All About Us (DaveJohn)by : ))
I love the song All About Us by he is we so I'm like. FANFIC. warning: extreme cuteness boyxboy and pepsicola kawaiiness
Wishful Thinking { JohnDave } by faudinbecause
Wishful Thinking { JohnDave }by LJ
John Egbert and his cousin Jade live together in Washington. Their two best friends, Rose and Dave, live in Texas. All four of the young teens are going to face a strugg...
When I saw you by Hellosburb
When I saw youby Hellosburb
This is Dave x John ....Mostly likely smut happening ,but I'm not the best at it. The story begins where Dave and John are 17 and at a party. Dave was chilling until he...
Soda pop lover by UwU_bro_06
Soda pop loverby Empty workspace
(Cover art by Cioccolatodorima on DeviantArt) found it on Pinterest This is a slow burn type deal (just get through the first entry) and I've worked really hard on this...
Can't lie to yourself forever by fallingattheconcert
Can't lie to yourself foreverby Bridget
John says he's not a homosexual, but everybody can see he's just lying to himself. All Dave wants is for John to feel the same way as him. So Dirk and Jake come to help...
Coca-Cola x Pepsi*Wip* by MyNameIsXandOnlyX
Coca-Cola x Pepsi*Wip*by X :)
(what have i done.) the two guys are too similar to not be a perfect couple but it doesnt make sense because they hate each other due to how similar they are. have can h...