Chapter 11: The Night Together

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Chapter 11: The Night Together

<Dave’s POV>

“I’m so happy that you came! I was so lonely and this is so cool and omg I just love you so much!”

“You what?”, you smirk, while raising an eyebrow. Haha, you will have this conversation sooner than you expected.

“I umm… I uh……”

You interrupt him until he says something dumb. You cough as people usually do before saying something serious, so here you go: “Uhm. Jonathan Marie Egbert, I want to confess something to you. And yes, I know your middle name, Jade told me. But no matter what I say now, it will be true, and though I think I will know what your reaction will be like, If I’m mistaken, please don’t flip your shit, I didn’t fly for 8 hours for that. I’m in love with you. I love absolutely everything about you. Your adorable smile with those buck teeth, your nice raven hair, that smells great, your childish excitement over everything. And your deep blue eyes, when I look at them I see all the beauty of all the seas, and the sky and I’m just sinking in them. I love you.”

When you finished you looked at that little blushing mess, named John. He had the prettiest smile ever on. He said nothing, just made a few steps forward, and was his standing on his tiptoes, getting closer to your face, like he wanted to whisper something in your ear, but instead he quickly released a warm heavy breath on your chin and leaned forward connecting his lips with yours. You were a little surprised, you felt your pupils widen, but then closed them and responded to the kiss. You put your arms around John’s neck, as he put his on your waist. You were kissing passionately, like it was the last time in your life. You lightly slid your tongue against John’s teeth, while he was slightly touching it with his. You feel his body get warmer every second. You both pull away for a breath, but then immediately continue, spending several more seconds together. 

“Woah…” You didn’t know John was that good at it. “That was amazing…”

“Uhm… David Elizabeth Strider, will you be my boyfriend?”, he said with a serious smile on his face.

“I’m sorry John, but no.” You saw him drop his jaw. “I’m not a homosexual.”, you said trying to copy John’s voice and you burst out laughing, placing one of your hands on John’s shoulder. He also laughed, because it was his phrase.

“Of course I will”, you whispered after you calmed down. He gave you the cutest smile ever.

“Do you want to settle down and put your stuff around here?”, John was staring at your suitcase.

“Yeah. Sure.”, you opened it slightly. You weren’t sure if you should give a present to him now or wait till his birthday.

“Woah what is that colorful shit?” John saw it, even though you tried to hide it.

“It is not shit, it’s a fucking masterpiece.”

“Let me see!”

“Okay. John, this is your birthday present. Happy Early Birthday!”

“Woah thank you so much!!! I wonder what is this ‘masterpiece’ “ John was quickly unwrapping it. He took of your sculpture and his eyes lit up. “Dave… This is beautiful! Thank you babe this is so sweet!” John was so excited about your present, he called you babe. “What’s inside the house?” , he was curious and was trying to open the little Sburb door.

“You’ll see…”, you said with a mysterious voice.

“Tell meeeeeeeee!!!!”

“Nope”, you smirked. “It’s a surprise”

“Okay” he smiled, and placed a small kiss on your nose. Damn he is adorable. 

You laid on the bed talking about nothing for hours and holding hands. John was occasionally rubbing his thumb against your palm, giving you little goosebumps. It was already late and you were tired, so you decided to go to sleep. 

“So uhm, here you go this is your bed, I’m going to go downstairs and sleep on the couch…”, John mumbled.

“No, you are not going anywhere. Why can’t both of us sleep here?”, you rolled your eyes.

“In this bed? With you?”, John sounded like an excited kitten.

“Yep, why not?”

He turned of the light and took off his pants, having only boxers and a shirt on, and so did you. You were already laying in the bed and John laid next to you. You put your hand on his chest and he put his on yours. You could feel his heartbeat, it went not very fast, but quicker than usual. 

“I’m so happy we are together”, he said.

“Kiss me”, you took off your shades and tossed them on the floor, doing the same with his glasses, placing them down carefully.

John climbed on top of you and placed his hands on your cheeks, then rubbed his nose against yours, moved down and nibbled lightly on your upper lip. Finally he put his lips on top of yours. He smooched you, as you put your hand in his hair, and another on his waist. He moved a little, and your hand accidentally slid a little lower, right on his butt. Or should you say a really fine ass. You felt him blush, and his lips got warmer as you kissed. You were rubbing his hips, as he let out a quiet moan. Wow this turned you on so much. You rubbed harder, placing your second hand on his fine ass and grabbed it. He let out a sound, something between a squeak and a moan. It was really sexy, you have to admit. You were caressing his booty as he stopped kissing you, he needed some air, you wonder how he lasted so long without air, probably some of his Breath player abilities are left. He was enjoying your touches so much, resulting in little moans. He laid his head on your chest listening to your heart. He put his hands under your T-shirt, running his hand around your chest. His breath was warm and his hands were so gentle, you allowed yourself to moan a little. John heard it and smirked, he made you fucking moan. you lay, petting John on the back, enjoying every moment of your time together. John kissed you on the neck, getting off you and laying next to you on his side, his back facing you. You pulled him closer, with a hand on his waist. Your chest connected to his back, and your knees were touching the back of his legs.

“Goodnight, John”

“Goodnight Dave"

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