Chapter 15: Kiss Under the Stars

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Chapter 15: Kiss Under the Stars

<Dave’s POV>

John’s birthday is in a week. You had a lot of fun together those three weeks. Best three weeks in your life. You are planing to leave in two and a half weeks, but you prefer to not think about that now. You are sitting on the couch, and deciding what to do.

“So what are we doing tonight?”, you moved closed putting his palm in yours.

“Watch movies?”, John has his excited baby smile on.

“Please don’t say we are going to watch C…”

“CON AIR!!!”

“Omg no.”




He put the disk in and bumped on the couch, wrapping himself around you. This boy will be the death of you.

The movie was already halfway through, and John was almost asleep. 

“John, you sleeping?” 

“This movie is boring, can we do something else.”

“Oh god, will you ever make up your mind?”

An idea flushed through your head.

“Lets go.”, you grabbed his arm and ran outside.

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see.”

You got in the driver’s seat, john in the passenger’s. And started the car. He gave you a suspicious stare but you pushed on gas.

You were driving for half an hour when you finally were about to approach your destination.

“Close your eyes.”, you said.

He closed them as you stopped and got off the car. You opened John’s door and he stood up. You went from behind and put your palms on his eyes.

You went forward a little, and then pushed him down slightly signaling to sit down. you both sat and you put your hands away, and John opened his eyes. 

You were sitting in the middle of the beautiful field, with wild flowers all around it. The night was beautiful, and all the stars were shining on you. John was crying:

“I love you.”

You leaned forward for the kiss. He is so precious, so innocent, so pure. You loved him.

You both were sitting and picking up flowers and making flower crowns. When you finished you put it on John’s head and he did the same for you.

You were laying with flower crowns on, in the middle of the field watching stars. Of course, you got distracted and you are just watching the boy next to you. His eyes were like on of the stars, even though it was dark, they were brighter than ever. He looks at you:

“Are you even listening.”

You climb on top of him and kiss him until your lips start burning:

“I don’t want to live if I’m away from you.”

“I’m always going to be with you. Always.”

You put your head on his chest and hug him. You lay there in silence for a bit, before heading back home, where you immediately fall asleep.

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