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Note from the Author

If you are reading this, it means you probably finished my first fan fiction ever, and I really appreciate that you got to the end. Thanks to all of you, for all the support, and it really means a lot to me. I’m sorry if you didn’t enjoy reading it, but that’s how it is. I mostly wrote it for myself, it’s kind of like an emotional relive activity for anti-stress, and also to improve my writing.

Now let’s talk about the ending. I really cried while writing the last chapter, and it looked quite emotional to me, if you think I can make it more realistic, please comment. I’m sorry for killing off characters, but I just felt like I really want to end it this way. I might write a second part of the book, but I still feel like this one is terrible, so I don’t now. If I will, I will fix everything in it, but still does anyone even care?

Please tell me in comments if you want a second part! Also share your opinions on this one, what should I add/change next time?

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