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Note from the Author

Hello, if you are reading this it means you are about to start my fanfic. To create some author-reader connection here is something: I’m not giving my real-world name but you can call me Sissi, and my insta is @fabulousstuck if you want to talk to me. It is my first fanfic ever, and will be the longest piece written in english. I’m not a native speaker, so I may have made few grammatical mistakes, so please correct me if I do. It doesn’t mean it will be the worst thing ever written, it just means it isn’t my first language. The story will have some sad parts and it doesn’t start with Dave and John making out. If you want a lot of smut, this is probably not for you, sorry. Thanks for spending your time on this. Never be afraid to leave your opinions in comments, and if you want me to change something I will definitely consider that.  

I am planning to update it daily or few times a week, but there might be times when I will need a pause. I almost completely have the story plotted in my head, but I might ask you for some advice later. For more information look at the story description. Love you all<3

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