Chapter 4: Group Chat

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Chapter 4: Group Chat

<John’s POV>

You feel very excited today. For no reason. You got up early as always, and decided to create a group chat with Dave, Rose and Jade. It is a really cool thing pester chum now has this option, so you decided the first thing you will do today is test it.

ectoBiologist [EB] created a group chum at 8:01

EB: hi guys anyone awake yet?

TT: Hello, John, yes currently I am in a conscious state of mind, knitting a scarf for Kanaya.

EB: that is nice how is she?

TT: She is deeply traumatized, because of having to leave someone who she had a strong emotional attraction to.

EB: you miss her? 

TT: Of course I do, John.

EB: vriska said we will se each other again

GG: hey guys! who is vriska :?

EB: the spider girl, one that puts people to sleep and read minds or sees future

TT: What makes you believe her statement is true?

EB: hope

TG: ugh why do you have to wake me up at 8 IN THE MORNING?

EB: sorry;(

TG: it is okay

GG: so what have you guys been up to this few weeks :D

TT: Dramatically looking at the window, while constantly knitting.

EB: Watching all the old Nic Cage movies and getting out of the depression. 

TG: Doing my job at the store

GG: a job? :B

EB: a job :D


GG: dont striders just walk around being cool, fighting, and ironically collecting puppets? 

TG: well

TG: yeah

TG: but...

TG: i have to go

turntechGodhead [TG] quit the group chum at 8:13

Hmm, what’s wrong with Dave? You just asked him about his new job, because you were happy he decided to take all the adult responcibilities now and start making money for future. He just left you. Well, Dave is weird sometimes, you are used to it, and won’t make a big deal out of it. You want to  go for a walk or something so you pull on a sweater and go outside.

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