Chapter 5: Presents and Thoughts

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Chapter 5: Presents and Thoughts

<Dave’s POV>

You wake up in the morning from the continuous buzzing of your phone on the corner of your bed. You take it and open the pesterchum app. John, Rose and Jade are talking in a group conversation so you also decide to respond. You exchanged few lines about your life and… Oh shit no! You accidentally wrote about getting a job. Fuck. You wanted to keep this a secret. A surprise for John. Well, it is okay for people your age to have a job, so you shouldn’t freak out. 

You have been working for a week and got enough money to buy a ticket to Washington, now you are looking for a birthday present for John. You are really unsure what to get him, but you are thinking about it. You got it. You put on shoes, get 30$ from your drawer and walk to Michales. You walk around until you get all you need: clay, paint, wire and some other little things you may need. You go and pay for your items and rush back home to start working.

You decide to make something that will remind john of all his friends, so you took out the clay, and started making little human-like figures out of it. You always knew there is a sculptor deeply inside you. You made all of the trolls, all of your human friends, also those other four kids, some salamanders, your sprites and a big Sburb house in the middle with a door that can be opened by a key. You paint all of it really neatly, doing the best job you can. Looks amazing, you are truly an artist. You spend your whole day working on it, adding something here and there, until you were finally satisfied. You are happy about how it turned out, John will absolutely love it. You know what you are going to put inside the house, you just need some more money for it.

You go on and buy a ticket to Washington on March 13th. You can’t wait three more weeks to see John, that guy stole your heart. You google something that you want to buy, and after 15 minutes of searching for a perfect one you find it. You will have enough money to buy that in three and a half days, and the rest of the money that you will earn you can just keep for your personal needs. 

It’s really late but you don’t want to go to sleep. You decide to go to the roof, so you go out through the window climb the wall. You were never here at night, and you must say its beautiful. There are a lot of stars, and it makes you remember the Game. You wonder if any of the planets you’ve been to are visible from here. Somewhere there in the dark is Alternia and all of those crazy troll friends re there. Is Jane and Jake even alive? Are they in some parallel universe time or something? You remember that Rose told you that Roxy and your alternate bro Dirk are from future, so there is no way there are on Earth now. Sadly, you didn’t have enough time to talk to them, it would be interesting to hear what kind of brother you were…

Thinking about brothers, you almost start crying. You didn’t see your bro at all since the Game ended, and after a few days you started getting worried. Yeah, he was almost never home, but he still checked on you almost every day, at least with a note or with one of your epic strifes. After around 5-6 days you decided to check local police station and hospital, to see maybe he is there. At the hospital, they told you that your bro died from cancer few months ago and gave you a note that said: “Bro. Sorry that I left you so soon. Im sure you are a strong man now and will take care of yourself. You will win this Game. Where making this happen.” You were crying for hours then. Yes, he wasn’t the best brother/guardian ever but you still loved him. And still do. You have that note in your pocket, and you take it out. You still have no idea how this timeline shit works. In the game, bro died, but in this timeline, he was still alive but somehow got cancer, and died telling you that you will win this game, but were you alive at the time he wrote it? John’s dad doesn’t seem to remember anything about the Game, as well as Rose’s mom so you guess they lived in a timeline where universe was never destroyed, and the Game never existed, and all of you were always there. But bro knew, or at least you believe that is what he meant, and what other game could he possibly mention in the note he wrote right before he died?

You decide to stop thinking about it, when you are sitting on the edge of the roof, completely in tears. You haven’t told anyone about it. John was already sad enough, you didn’t want to make it even worse. He would probably get really nervous about his dad, even though he tells you how weird that man is, you know John cares about him a lot. You will probably tell Rose later, because she is your sister and she is supposed to be somehow connected to bro also.

You decide to go back to your room. You change to your god tier outfit, which you use as a pajama, and go to bed. You fall asleep thinking about John, and hoping these three weeks will pass faster.

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