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John x reader x Dave by CeruleanFoxes
John x reader x Daveby CeruleanFoxes
John x reader x Dave
  • dave
  • johnegbert
  • egbert
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Finally a Hero by Eridan-Captor
Finally a Heroby I’m @historvert NOW
A davejohn fanfic
  • dave
  • johnegbert
  • john
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Dave Strider x Reader (Alternia High) by rainyadventures
Dave Strider x Reader (Alternia sof
You're the new girl at Alternia High. With a horse-obsessed principal and popular girls bossing you around, you don't know how long you'll survive here. I do not own the...
  • rose
  • egbert
  • davestrider
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JOHN: Do The Hunting Thing by dothewritingthing
JOHN: Do The Hunting Thingby ICryOutMyCalories
Killing things. Saving people. The family business. This was the code John Egbert lived by. LIVED being the key word. Killing people. Fucking up things. The demon busin...
  • demonstuck
  • dave
  • johnisahomosexual
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Slow Dance by RStarisk
Slow Danceby Yuki
The sparkles have never overwhelmed John this much. The first and last dance he'll attend. What will happen after the last song is played? What will Dave do? Continue th...
  • dave
  • john
  • egbert
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Birds & Blues by AzarathChickedee
Birds & Bluesby Supreme Big Mac
In a world where the human race is thriving and so are those above them. Creatures of, what the humans would call, phenomenal being live in the stratosphere and upper tr...
  • runawaystuck
  • feralstuck
  • caliborn
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Of The Captive by THG_PJO_DWfreak
Of The Captiveby TheNextAndrewHussie
John is thrown a curve-ball when he finds out his best bro is being abused and that he's pretty depressive. But how does all that change when Dave's brother kidnaps him...
  • jake
  • homestuck
  • davejohn
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Shades and Messy Hair (PepsiCola) ✨✨DISCONTINUED✨✨ by KeithsFlatAss
Shades and Messy Hair (PepsiCola) Bubbles
"Did you see my eyes?" He nods. I feel my cheeks beginning to stain red. I haven't shown anyone my eyes. ever. And now Someone's seen. Great. "I-I like th...
  • egbert
  • eeeeee
  • feels
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Red text,Red eyes Blue text,Blue eyes {DISCONTINUED} by lilbuztahs
Red text,Red eyes Blue text,Blue lilbuztahs
John is a total geek with no friends. Dave is a total cool kid, people worship every step he takes. But what if an unlikely friendship blossoms...or maybe, an unexpected...
  • mute
  • davejohn
  • johndave
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My Boyfriend Is A Stripper [JohnDave] by StridersAreRiders
My Boyfriend Is A Stripper [ Daddy's Little Kitten
Mostly a johndave ship
  • fun
  • davexjohn
  • hella
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 Dave X Reader X John  by marinadeadaccount
Dave X Reader X John by .
Well I'm not really sure what to put here, cause no one ever reads these. So yeah, enjoy the story I suppose.
  • davejohn
  • strider
  • homestuck
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Love Me Like You Do (JohnDave) by CheekyGeeky-
Love Me Like You Do (JohnDave)by The Prince of Chaos
I don't know what it was, but as soon as he had said that...a part of my heart felt like it sank. But that's impossible right? Your heart can't sink. Maybe I'm
  • strider
  • dave
  • fanfiction
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John x Reader by Egderplane
John x Readerby Egderplane
(F/n) (L/n), new student at Hussie Academy. You know the clichés, you can probably spell it out for me. But the one cliché that really caught (F/n), was the cute, buck-t...
  • fanfiction
  • egderp
  • johnxreader
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Homestuck AU: Based Of The Song "Karkahontas" by cryismineladies
Homestuck AU: Based Of The Song " CryaoticIsMineLadies
I was listening to brodway karkat at 3 am and got this idea, im pretty sure its a orignal au but then again maybe theres some secrect au I dont know about. No this is n...
  • egbert
  • john
  • ampora
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Pesterchum Shenanigans! by GoddessofConquest
Pesterchum Shenanigans!by Miakis Sawada
Just some one shots with the Homestuck humans. No trolls here - they're in the companion fic, "Trollian Travels"!
  • anita
  • lalonde
  • jade
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homestuck?? by rainbowcacti
homestuck??by hyey im charlie
every character in this fucking comic is gay
  • strider
  • harley
  • headcanons
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The Egbert Thanksgiving Disaster by EthiopianHat
The Egbert Thanksgiving Disasterby EthiopianHat
Dad Egbert invites some guests over for thanksgiving dinner, but things inevitably go wrong... As in 50 shades of grey level wrong.
  • thanksgiving
  • scary
  • pissed
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The Home Book of Verse - Volume 2 by gutenberg
The Home Book of Verse - Volume 2by gutenberg
  • children
  • gutenberg
  • stevenson
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Affairs of State by gutenberg
Affairs of Stateby gutenberg
  • stevenson
  • egbert
  • gutenberg
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