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Of The Captive by THG_PJO_DWfreak
Of The Captiveby TheNextAndrewHussie
John is thrown a curve-ball when he finds out his best bro is being abused and that he's pretty depressive. But how does all that change when Dave's brother kidnaps him...
:Demonstuck: by Poptart-Lover
:Demonstuck:by Snowwy
The darkness consumes everything. Everything. Demons are flooding the earth and John must overcome his worst fear; fighting his demonic, blood-thirsty best bro. Can bond...
[DaveJohn][Homestuck] by homestuck_lover
[DaveJohn][Homestuck]by Lexi Williams
Dave and John haven't seen each other for a whole year. When they finally meet back up, their love grows quickly but will they overcome the obstacles that stand in their...
The Monster and the Mute [JohnDave] by babyatemydingocrazy
The Monster and the Mute [JohnDave]by babyatemydingocrazy
John Egbert is just a normal boy without a voice, and his life is suddenly changed when he becomes the target of a blood-thirsty Dave Strider, who's interest becomes pea...
John X Reader ~Listen To The Melody~ by heir_of_windsock413
John X Reader ~Listen To The GT: Wind sock??
Musicstuck AU, You are a girl who just wants to play her violin, when some guy steals it as a prank? You find out his name is John Egbert and he plays the piano, he's a...
John Egbert x Reader (Rainy Nights) by rainyadventures
John Egbert x Reader (Rainy Nights)by sof
You and John have been in the same schools since you were little. You both have also been in the same classes and project groups but somehow you both have never really h...
Shades and Messy Hair (PepsiCola) ✨✨DISCONTINUED✨✨ by KeithsFlatAss
Shades and Messy Hair (PepsiCola) Bubbles
"Did you see my eyes?" He nods. I feel my cheeks beginning to stain red. I haven't shown anyone my eyes. ever. And now Someone's seen. Great. "I-I like th...
Homestuck Pics and Gifs by Knight_of_Void
Homestuck Pics and Gifsby Lean, mean and ready to steal...
Some of my favourite Homestuck pictures and gifs.
1D Imagines  by pussypoppers69
1D Imagines by The Crack Daddy
1D imagines WARNING: smut and frat boy aesthetic. #eggcore
Red text,Red eyes Blue text,Blue eyes {DISCONTINUED} by lilbuztahs
Red text,Red eyes Blue text,Blue lilbuztahs
John is a total geek with no friends. Dave is a total cool kid, people worship every step he takes. But what if an unlikely friendship blossoms...or maybe, an unexpected...
Painful Love by gayforthewindyboy
Painful Loveby Kota
*TRIGGER WARNING: SUICIDAL ACTIONS AND SELF HARM* "I lay awake until the early hours of the morning, thoughts consumed with your name, while you sleep peacefully in...
Nonsense / Short fanfics by ZeroWeirdcore
Nonsense / Short fanficsby Duo_Is_Down_Bad
You read the title. Rxpect nothing but bullcrap to follow.
~The Blue Cape~ by leafgem
~The Blue Cape~by its alias.
Ever since losing earth and his other loved ones John hadn't been so easy on himself from all of it. (Y/n) didn't know how to really help John overcome his guilt and pro...
Can't lie to yourself forever by fallingattheconcert
Can't lie to yourself foreverby Bridget
John says he's not a homosexual, but everybody can see he's just lying to himself. All Dave wants is for John to feel the same way as him. So Dirk and Jake come to help...
DirkJohn for the Soul by cowardlyImp
DirkJohn for the Soulby That Shane Human
Hahaha, here, let me just shine the light of one of my favorite rare pairs upon you ^^ ((I'm actually not 100% sure exactly how sweet and pure this will remain/if it wil...
«brojohn» by TaylorLadd
«brojohn»by «timaeusTaylor»
What happens when John comes over to hang with dave, but gets the other strider instead? Trigger warning! #smut #yaoi #and lots of motherfucking brojohn I own no charact...
The Other Strider (DirkJohn) by ItsPiper
The Other Strider (DirkJohn)by Piper
John and Dave have been best friends for as long as he can remember. His best friend's apartment is as good as a second home to him - he goes there almost every weekend...