Chapter 12: Good Morning Sunshine

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Chapter 12: Good Morning Sunshine

<Dave's POV>

You wake up in the morning with John peacefully laying facing you, his face buried in your chest. You place your hands on his back, and he pushes closer, putting his leg on yours. He is so cute when he sleeps. You play with his hair, making sure he doesn't wake up. You decide to lean your head against John's and just think about life. You love him so much. After few minutes this little cuddly creature starts moving, raises his head and looks at you. You put your thumb on his chin and move it up a little, leaning for a kiss. You kiss slowly, expressing all your emotions in it, and then pull back, lightly sucking on his lower lip for a second. 

"Good morning, my sunshine", you whisper in his ear before kissing it. 

"Good morning, babe... Oops I mean... Can I call you babe?"

"Omg, Egbert, you are my boyfriend now, duh."

"Hehe, true", John pulled you closer in a hug. "Do you want to go and get dressed or just lay here a bit and cuddle?", he made those huge puppy eyes that you can't resist. 

"Sure.", you say as you get lower and kiss his neck, starting at the top and getting lower, almost on his shoulder; John lets out a silent sound, and you realized this is some kind of a sensitive spot. You lightly nibble on it, licking and then carefully sucking. John was moaning like a bitch, and you fucking liked it so much. He was sliding his hands all across your back, grabbing your shirt when you sucked a little harder. He wrapped his leg around you, and you put your arm on his inner thigh, pushing your hand lightly against soft skin. He moaned louder. You were rubbing it, making small circles, while still sucking on his neck. His sounds turned you on so much, you don't want to stop. John started moving his hips in rhythm with your hand. You see that he was trying not to for a long time, but he can't resist it no more. You push him on you with your other hand, and then use it to do the same with second thigh. 

He is really hot, wow. He probably realized that if he continues to moan that loudly, his dad will come in, but neither of you wanted to stop. His upper legs were very sensitive. He pulled up your shirt, sliding his hand down to your V-bones and pressing lightly above them. Fuck, how does he know what to do that well? He was rubbing that spot with his thumbs, after he heard that your breath become heavier and louder. He was breathing right on your nipples and then sucked on it lightly. He is fucking amazing. Both of you were turned on as fuck and continued doing what you are doing until you felt it coming. You would fuck him right here and now, but you don't want your boyfriend to loose innocence like that. It will be more private, with no one in the house, more romantic and when he is a little more used to you as a boyfriend. He is an adorable little kitten for now. 

You both stopped as he put his hands on your chest and placed his head on top of them looking into your eyes as you looked in his. 

"Your eyes are beautiful.", John smiled. 

"Not more than yours.", you were still insecure about your eye color. 

"I love you, Dave.", he was still having eye contact with you. 

"I love you too, my little cutie." John was blushing really much. 

He stood up, put on his glasses, giving your shades to you. You put them on, stood up and you both got dressed. 

You walked downstairs, heading to the kitchen to get breakfast. It was only 8 in the morning, and John's dad was already finishing pancakes. You said good morning to him and he responded, and both of you talked to him for a few minutes, until he finished pancakes. Those were the best pancakes in the world, to be honest. You quickly finished them, while John ate only a little one. 

You went to the living room, and sat on the couch. 

John looked at you with an excited childish face. 

"Guess where are we going today?"

You were about to make a joke with a sexual reference, but decided not too, and it was a really smart choice. "I have no idea." 

He pulls out two colorful tickets from his pocket, that say Disneyland on them. "Let's go get ready, we should leave in half an hour." John was happy as never before. 

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