Chapter 10: Fall for Me

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Chapter 10: Fall for Me


<John’s POV>


Dave is being weird again, he is pranking you now. He texted you something like come outside. You wish he could be there, but instead it will be nothing, or some weird shit he ordered to your house. Well that’s something and you’ll be happy even if those are naked smuppets. Well, you open your front door…and…WHAT?!!!!


This can’t be real. Dave is there!!! Sitting on the floor with the prettiest roses you’ve ever seen, his suitcase next to him. You lost your voice, while trying to yell because of your happiness. You stand one one spot, unable to move any of your muscles. Dave smirks, while standing up and hugging you. You touch his shoulder to make sure this is real, you brush your hand lightly against it, causing Dave to blush. He pulls away from the hug, giving you flowers, you haven’t said a word to each other yet.


“Thanks” , you whisper, feeling a happy tear run down your cheek.


“Are you not happy to see me? Am I that terrible that you cry because of it now?”, Dave turns around picking up his suitcase.


“No daveeeeeeee!!!!” you are not frozen anymore, you run after him, but trip almost smashing your face on the ground and damaging your roses. Dave immediately turns around and catches you and roses, while staring in your deep blue eyes through his shades. You don’t see his eyes, but you feel it.


“I see you fell for me, John Egbert”, he smirks.


“Hehe”, you blush and stand up normally, holding roses. “Come in” he says, gesturing for you to go inside the house.


“Dad, Dave came, he’ll stay here for few days, or weeks or something.” you yell to your dad in the kitchen.


He walk out quietly, with a pipe between his teeth, handing Dave an apple pie, then turns around, walking back to the kitchen.


“Thanks Mr. Egbert!”, Dave shouts. “Uhm, your dad is very chill”


“He is. Here let me help you to take that upstairs”, you point at the suitcase.

“Take the cake, Egbert”, Dave hands the pie to you, and you walk upstairs with it in one hand, and roses in the other, Dave following you with his suitcase.


You got in the room, Dave carefully placed his luggage on the floor.


“I’m so happy that you came! I was so lonely and this is so cool and omg I just love you so much!” You did not. You did not just say that. You meant it but you didn’t want to say that.

“You what?”, Dave smirks, while raising an eyebrow.

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