Chapter 17: Counting The Last Breaths

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Chapter 17: Counting The Last Breaths

<Dave’s POV>

1 a.m. You hear the clock ticking above you, in rhythm with your heart. You are not allowed to go there, and you are about to kill everyone you see to get there. But it won’t help. Nurse comes up to you to comfort you but thee only thing you say is:

“He needs me… He does… He is not that strong, I have to be there holding his hand not here crying alone…”

What happened was John was hit by a truck that was delivering flowers. You heard a loud cracking sound and ran outside. You saw him sitting in his car, blood everywhere and red rose petals on his face. He whispered “I love you.” and you quickly called 911. He is really injured, including severe head damage. There is a serious operation now.

You whisper in your wet from tears palms: 

“Happy Birthday, my love…”

Immediately after nurse comes to you shaking her head. 

“He is in a very difficult stage of coma. He has few hours left. I’m sorry. You can go say goodbye, while he still may hear you.” 

You walked to the room he was in; it was light grey and it smelled like death. He is in all white and black ring is the only noticeable thing here, located on his ring finger.

“Hey John. Happy Birthday… It was my fault. I should’ve went with you but I didn’t. I just wanted to say thanks. For the best month in my life. I loved you more than anyone else, ever. I was lost in your deep blue eyes, and the touch of your skin was the best feeling ever. You were the most precious thing I’ve ever had and I’m sorry I didn’t take care of you well enough. I was the luckiest guy in the world and I lost my treasure, which makes me the biggest fool. Thank you for making me feel…”

You kissed his lips, they were colder than usual but not completely lifeless. You put a red rose in his hand, and quickly got out the building. They tried to stop you, but they couldn’t. You ran as fast as you can. You had no idea where were you, but you were on some bridge. You climbed over the rails sitting on the other side. You plugged your earbuds in, turning on “River flows in you” on repeat. You sat there for a while. How long was it? 30 minutes? 2 hours? Maybe 4? it doesn’t matter. It was your and John’s song. maybe you should’ve stayed there with John and listened to him breathing, counting each one, till the last. But you couldn’t just watch him die. You were too weak.

You looked at your phone. 94 unread messages in pesterchum. The last ones from Rose:

TG: I will be there soon.

TG: I took the first plane.

TG; Don’t do it.

TG: Dave, I hear your thoughts sometimes, you know it.

TG: This won’t solve anything.

TG: Just get off that bridge, and wait for me.

TG: We will figure it out.

It was too late. You took your earbuds off, wrapping them around your phone and toss it in the water. 15 seconds later you hear a silent sound. The wind was blowing in your face lightly, it felt like a kiss. You took a deep breath and felt your body leave the solid surface...

“I love you too, John. See you soon."

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