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JohnDave smut book :' by Dumbe2006
JohnDave smut book :'by Pot toast
the title says it all
  • johndavesmut
  • egbert
  • johnegbert
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Homestuck Lemons by AngelGarry1013
Homestuck Lemonsby Unknown
this will have lemons lmao this is second attempt at writing on phone so if the grammar and shit is bad don't remind me about it know ._.👏👏👏👏 but anyway this will b...
  • johndave
  • dirkjake
  • latuna
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JohnDave {I Missed You} by midKNIGHTlover
JohnDave {I Missed You}by Yes all the homo
Dave and John have had there minds erased after they left the game, and went back home to the real world. Dave and john have dreams about each other. Little do they know...
  • johnegbert
  • johnkarkat
  • shipping
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I'm Red For That Blue Kid  by MaddietheAngel
I'm Red For That Blue Kid by Californiarollwrites
John and Dave met in high school. Dave's main goal to protect John from all the school bitches, for example Vriska Serket. While John develops a crush for the spider-obs...
  • johndave
Finally a Hero by Eridan-Captor
Finally a Heroby I’m @historvert NOW
A davejohn fanfic
  • davestrider
  • strider
  • pepsicola
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Princes turn Knights into Kings by klancewithoutpants
Princes turn Knights into Kingsby KlanceWithoutPants
John and Jake are princes and they need Knights, but what happens when love sparks in their hearts?
  • davejohn
  • medievalstuck
  • johndave
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Burning Love ~ A johndave fanfic by thatgeekygirl2001
Burning Love ~ A johndave fanficby whelp
Dave has a problem. He was born with the power to control fire, into a city who aren't very accepting to the fact these certain people are different and "not norma...
  • homestuck
  • vriska
  • karkatvantas
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Homestuck smut by Young_Trash101
Homestuck smutby Young_Trash101
Literally porn with no story.
  • lemon
  • dirkstrider
  • homesmut
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Just A Bet by SalemTheMortician
Just A Betby 🍼🍭🔮Salem🔮🍭🍼
4 siblings make a bet... Who can kiss the new kids first... DirkxJake DavexJohn RosexJade RoxyxJane inspired by that_fren (was an unfinished story this is my ending to i...
  • dirkjake
  • fanfiction
  • johndave
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No Homo by fandoms_and_bacon
No Homoby fandoms_and_bacon
Pepsicola fanfiction cuz aww ^u^ Basically, there's no game and everyone's in high school. Also, the cover belongs to ikimaru.tumblr And I don't own any part of Homestu...
  • johnxdave
  • fanfiction
  • davejohn
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JOHN: Do The Hunting Thing by dothewritingthing
JOHN: Do The Hunting Thingby ICryOutMyCalories
Killing things. Saving people. The family business. This was the code John Egbert lived by. LIVED being the key word. Killing people. Fucking up things. The demon busin...
  • mybbys
  • homestuck
  • john
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DaveJohn fanfiction (yoai) by Egtastic
DaveJohn fanfiction (yoai)by Chris
((Alright, the front of this fanfiction is kinda crappy. But please try to go through with it, or at least skip to the last two chapters. I think those ones are pretty g...
  • homestuck
  • gay
  • davejohn
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Homestuck Oneshots by hckin_nerd
Homestuck Oneshotsby On Other Sites
Oneshots! I know it says it's completed, but if you request something I'll try to write something for it.
  • slickpaint
  • dirkjake
  • arasol
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PepsiCola: Blue Eyes And Red Circuits by HiddingInVoid
PepsiCola: Blue Eyes And Red Void
Its the year of 2050 and 0413 was an AI programed to keep the Heiress company. Dave Strider works as a mechnic at Betty Crocker. He was once in love with a blued eye bo...
  • crockertier
  • johndave
  • bettycrocker
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What is Love? ((dirkjake fanfic)) by _loqam
What is Love? ((dirkjake fanfic))by OuO
  • johndave
  • dirkjake
  • davejohn
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I'm Gonna Mail Myself to You. by chibikatniss627
I'm Gonna Mail Myself to ᴡᴡᴡ
John is a pranking little shit, except this time he hopes to gain something a little more than just a laugh. (porn trigger warning for later chapters)
  • johndave
  • hammertime
  • homestuckpepsicola
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Ghosts and Records by mddprsn
Ghosts and Recordsby Prince Doom
This is a JohnDave fanfiction. It a boyxboy. So if you don't like that then this is not the book for you. I do not own the characters. They belong to Andrew Hussie from...
  • johndave
  • yaoi
  • homestuck
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Sugar rush (johndave) by eridaaamn_ampora
Sugar rush (johndave)by EriDAAAMN
Dave is what you would call a hunter. What does he hunt? Tricksters. But what happens when the hunter becomes the prey? What happens when a young boy enters his life? w...
  • trickster
  • dave
  • homestuck
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New kid (a davejohn fanfic) by rose_lalondes
New kid (a davejohn fanfic)by rose_lalondes
John's the new kid at school, but when he suddenly discovers he's gay for some blonde guy he literally JUST LOOKED AT AND DECIDED WAS CUTE, shits going down. I guess the...
  • fanfiction
  • johndave
  • writing
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