chapter 17

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Once i was inside the pack house my mom started ranting at me .

"What on earth was that about danielle you could of seriously hurt somebody"

"Well i wasnt going to stand by and have that bitch tornt me my mate cheated because of her, i do not have a mate because of her, she was supposed to be my friend yet shes bullied me for years and now she wants what is supposed to be mine well i guess shes got what she wanted!"

I ignored my mothers shouts and ran to my room and locked myself in, i put a cloaking spell on my room so nobody could get in , i wouldnt be able to hear them and they wouldnt be able to hear me.

'Hey dan lets go for a run i feel really stressed i need to let off steam' my wolf was stirring.

'Sure ivy lets go'

I jumped out of my window and and let ivy take over and ran for the woods, i ran and ran until i could barely breathe we purched ourselves on a nearby rock and let our thoughts run for abit.

'Hey ivy dont you feel on edge being here its seems quite eary'

'Erm yeah i was just thinking this area seems a bit odd'

I heard a branch crunch beside me so i got in attack mode.

"Whos there" i shouted.

"Well well well look who just stumbled on my land the legendary white star wolf, hmmm its like fate has finally bought you to me" the mystery woman smirked.

"Who are you and what do you what?" I practically screamed at her.

"Tut tut tut dont get ahead of yourself jut yet little one you are to come with me immediatly " she demanded.

"Like hell im going with you i dont know you"

" well looks like were going to have to do this the hard way then" she was muttering some words before everything became black.

Once i had opened my eyes i was in what looked like a cell i tryed reaching my wolf but she was nowhere, i heard the sound of keys and snapped my head up and standing there was that mystery woman from earlier.

"Finally your awake, weve been waiting for you to wake up for 2weeks now we thought youd never wake haha" 2WEEKS! I was out for a whole 2 weeks, well that explains the headache i suppose.

"What do you want me for?" I demanded

" well arnt you curious, lets just start from the beginning. Your so called family killed all of my family and now i seek revenge in getting what i want and thats justice by killing you, but i wont be killing you just yet, i need something from you dear and that is your powers and your life." I was shaking at this point.

"But who are you and why do you want my powers if you are a witch you have many powers"

"Curious i see once again , well my name is elsa and yes we witches have many powers but not as unique as yours and i want them, and i will get them".

As she kept rambling on about hows she going to kill me i seen a puddle of water just beside her and remebering about my powers i have all elementals so i thought very hard and started just think about that puddle and drowning her, the puddle started shaking but was not moving

, why wasnt it moving like i wanted it to? As i was concentrating more the witch must have noticed and started laughing.

"Tsktsk arnt you just a silly one, you may think your powers are going to work but ive weakened them hunny so no powers for you anytime soon".

As she was saying this alarm bells started ringing and another girl appeared she looked around my age but with bright red hair.

"Wolves...wolves are here and theres too many of them" she panicked.

"Okay go get claire and bring her here to watch this thing here" elsa replied casually.

"Yes maam " the girl replied.

As they both left i was sat thinking claire could it really be that slut or am i thinking too much into this , as i sat daydreaming for a liitle while none othere than claire waltz in.

"You why would you do this."

"Because you dear stole everything from me , you stole my boyfriend and my title of luna you ungrateful bitch" and as she said that she slapped me accros the face and this only angerd me more.

"Ill kill you for this you slut" i raged.

"Oh no you wont your trapped hunny" she laughed but turned her back as if she heard something , as she was distracted i managed to get my self free, i dont knoe how i just did it. I grabbed hold of the chained that held me tight and wrapped it around her neck and pulled it tight and watched her turn blue but who cares that slut basiclly wanted to torture me, i exited the cells and found myself outside where all hell broke loose there were bodies everywhere, ispotted shaun running to me and i eloped my arms around him, but he wasnt hugging me back.

"Im so so so sorry dan but i cant do this i found my mate im so sorry " he kept muttering.

"Its okay i understand , i know how it feel its fine" iheld back my tears but i understood.

"Ashtons here looking for you, you should go to him" i started debating with myself but decided i do need him i want him even, i was looking around until i spotted ashtons wolf fighting a witch and she clearly had an advantage "ashton" i whisperd in a hushed tone but he still hezrd me and looked over, as he looked over the witch smirked and went for his neck.

"Noooooooo!" I screamed and shifted into my wolf , i charged for her and killed her in seconds , but i started feeling weak.

Ashton caught me before i fell down . Then everything went black. (Gosh im si k of passing out)........

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