chapter 8

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As i got to my house i could hear music and loads of people , there were loads of cars in my drive some look very sylish like bugattis and ferraris "why is there so many rich looking cars there cant be high end people coming its just a birthday party" i said aloud catching my bestfriend beckys attention.

"oooo stop being a party pooper who cares lets have some fun"

"fine" 'mates here i want mate ' My wolf sounded excited.

"oh shut it you he doesnt want us and i dont want him"

'oh well you see i know you do' and with that i cut her off for the night.

As we danced around having fun my mom decided to grab the mic off the dj and the music stopped."oh here we go embaressment alert" i mumbled and becky just gave me a look as if to say' oh shut it'.

my mom started speaking. " so as you all know it was my daughters birthday yesterday and we couldnt be any prouder than we alreay are , we was going to celabrate yesterday but as some of you may know she shifted for the first time , honey cancome here please" i was wondering what she was up to so i made my way up to her looking at her suspiciosly , she kissed my cheek and carried on with her speech.

"right i would like to congratulate my daughter on becoming a new memeber of the werewolf world, and would like somebody from the crowd to come and take her preciouse hand for a dance , do we have any volunteers?" as i looked round the crown nearly every man had there hand in the air but only one stood out to me and that was none other than ashton mason and he even had his had up aswell,"right who should you choose here goes, ahh i see young man over there sto be alpha ashton you may do the honor" uh oh i tried to look at my mother as if to say no please dont hes my mate but she just urged me towards him, as we reached each other he held out his hand to me.

"hello danielle can i have this dance"

"ermm.. yeah okay" i held his hand and the sparks just flew through my boy sending loads of shocks , the song started and it was ed sheeran thinking out loud.

"so i wanted to apolgise for te way i acted the other day , and i didnt mean to reject you"

"then why did you" i said with anger in my voice.

"because i was embarressd of what the pack would say , your not like the other girls many girls would jump to the chance to be with me but you , you just walked away from me without a word, its never happend before"

i forcly let go of his hand and looked deeep into those most beautiful eyes and said..........

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