chapter 18

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I heard loads of shouting but didnt know where it was coming from , i tried opening my eyes but they felt glued shut , it was like every part of my bodyy wdnt move. where am i? what is all the shouting?.

"when is she going to wake up shes been out for 3 months , please doctor tell me cant you do something" that sounded like my mother she sounded terrified, but wait hold up 3MONTHS I WAS OUT FOR 3 MONTHS. once again i tried opening my eyes , they began to open when light hit my eyes i had to quickly shut them again. "the light" i managed to get out, and asif somebody heard the lights went out, i opened my eyes and saw my very worried mother. "omg honey your awake i was wondering when you were going to come back to us or even atall i was so worried about you , youve been out for 3months , your dad and brothers are really worried about you." she got it all out at once.

" hey mom slow down i have only just woke up, what happened to me "

" sorry, do you remember anything atall ?" i had to think for a minuite but then it all came back to me.

"yes, the witches claire, the fight oh ashton what about ashton is he okay?"

"yes hes fine and im glad you remember , ashton has been here every single day waiting for you to wake up he wouldnt let anybody in at first , until your dad spoke to him. sorry im chatting to much, ill let you rest up abit ill just be outside" i nodded my head. but before she left i called her back . " mom , where is ashton"  she pointed to the little sofa on the other side of the room , how did i not notice him there, i shook my head confused.

As i tried to get out of bed just to stretch up abit every part of me hut and i yelped in suprise as the pain hit my side, thats when ashton must of heard and came running to my side.

"Hey i got you" i whispered as he lowered me back down on the bed.

"Thanks" i muttered

"Im so glad your awake i was so worried about you, i thought ihad lost you well we all did" he said as he had tears in his eyes , he looked like he hasnt eaten for months.

"Hey im okay now thats all that matters right" i tryed to comfort him.

"Yes thats all that matters."

"Hey ashton im so sorry for everything"

"It should be me who says sorry not you ive hurt you so much and it hurts inside knowing ive hurt the one i love"

"Love?" I questioned him

"Thats the only part you heard love" we both giggled.

"And yes danielle i love you i love you so very much i hope you can forgive me and maybe give this another shot?"

"Ermm i know after everything that happend i dont think i can im sorry" i tried not to laugh while saying this , but then i looked at his face he looked me right in the eyes and just cried.

"Omg ashton i was joking im sorry obvcourse we will try im sorry please dont cry i think i love you too "

"But what a out shaun?" It looked like he found it hard to say.

"That was me being stubborn and heartbroken , im past that if you will ztill have me"

"What are you talking about obvcourse i will have you i love you " and with that he grabbed my face a gave me a long passionate kiss that i have been longing for , it was likethose kisses in the movies where you see how much they zre in love as the fireworks go off,it was amazing.

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