chapter 6, not edited

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when i woke i smelt what only could be my mothers amazing cooking, so i decided to go wash up when i looked into my bathroom mirror i noticed how i looked like i havnt slept in weeks supposed thats normal seeeing as i just turned into my wolf. 'oh yes we are truly amazing'a voice popped up in my head, i stood confused for a minuite until it spoke again 'hi im ivy and im your wolf' my wolf what? then i thought ack to my moms words how i could communicate with her.

'erm.. hello im danielle nice to meet you'

' its a pleasure , now whats that i can smell is it bacon? im starving'

'yes its my mothers cooking'i laughed to myself

'well what are you waiting for lets go get some bacon'

I finished washing up and went downstairs to the kitchen when i spotted the most disturbing thing ever my mom and dad getting in on the kitchen'GAG'.

"MOM DAD WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN OUR KITCHEN WE EAT FOOD THERE" as i shouted they sprinted apart looking very flushed.

"erm.. sorry sweetie erm...heres your breakfast you need it"

"hah no i dont not while you two have being doing your buisness in here"

'i dont care what they have been doing im starving now feed me, feed me feed me' my wolf chanted in my head.

"are you okay sweetie you spaced out for a minuite there"

"oh yeah just talking to ivy"

"whos ivy?"

"oh shes my wolf"

"your wolf?...well CONGRATULATIONS HUNNY  we have to celebrate plus we didnt celebrate your birthday either so how about we do a party for your birthday and of you becoming a wolf? but sweetie you cant noone you are the greatest wolf there is ok?"

"obvcourse mom but dont you think a party is a bit much. i mean im only just getting used to being a wolf, and i dont feel up to it."

"nsence sweetie we are having a party and thats final" i really didnt want a party but guess i have no choice."im going to call becky and shaun then to go shopping""yeah you do that hunny" she replied as she was writing a list of things for the party.

I texted becky and shaun to pick me up in and in no time they were outside my house.

"so where are we going little wolf?" becky asked."wait you knew?"

"obvcourse we are wolves too" i stood shocked for a minuite but shrugged it off as i i dont wanna deal with more stuff.

"right then lets go shopping i need a dress moms throwing mrthday party and a celebration of me becoming a wolf" the both wooped and got in the car.

We arrived at the shopping centre around noon so we decided to go and get some pizza first. Shaun ordered our pizzas while me and becky were chatting away talking about our wolves and about we should go on a run , she said she w help me get used to my wolf and help me train, ill tell you now i dont know where i will be without becky and shaun i dont know where i will be.

As our food came it smelt absolutly devine but that wasnt the only g i could smell i could smell a hint of mint woodchip and roses , as i was trying to locate the smelly eyes connected with those bright blue eyes 'MATE'MATE' my wolf stirred. "oh no not this again"

"what is is dan" shaun asked

"look whos over there"

"shit, maybe we should go shopping now get you away from here"

"yeah your t lets go"

"but you havnt even touched your pizzas" becky whined

"wwe can get some later lets go find me a dress"

"okok" as we exited the pizza place we locked eyes once more until he looked away , my wolf whimperd at the sight but i tryed to ignore it and carry on , we entered a beautiful little dress store called MIMI'S, we was lookijng for atleast half hour until the sales assistent came up to us and sked if i found any dresses i liked yet.

"erm no we havnt yet" i answerd

"well your i luck because i think i hhe perfect dree that would fit you nicley its the last one too, ill just go get it"

"errm okay thanks i guess"

"no problem"

as we waited for about 15 minitues she came out with the most stunning dress it was strapless sweetheart with pink crystals around the top and silky white at the bottom, it was perfect and i mean perfect.

"wow thats beautiful may i go and try it on please "

"obvcourse dear just threw there" she guided me to a changing room where i changed into the dress, i couldnt beleive my eyes i didnt recognise myseld it flowed all the way down past my feet ill definatly have to where heels with this, i was smiling like a freak at myself in the mirror until i heard an interesting conversation in the next stall..............

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