chapter 20

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Sorry everyone it's been so long had so much going on with having kids but here's that last chapter for you.....

It was 3 years later and I couldn't be happier,  me and Ashton finally tied the knot and we bought out own house on the pack land it was amazing.

"mommy I need a drink" Cole said as he turned to me, "okay sweetie I'll get you one now".

And yes Obvcourae I've had my little boy soon to be 3 in 1 week, he's grown so much and looks a double of his dad, while I was doing his juice I heard the door creaking, " Ashton is that you", but no reply,  I decided to grab Cole and head to the door where it was open a jar,  fear started to set in I slammed the door shut and decided to head to the living room where I found a dozen roses and chocolates,  my heart was skipping a beat and Cole spoke up " mommy it's magic there's fwowers" yes he's nearly 3 so his speech is Trying to come along. " yes sweetie now I wonder where daddy is,  as I was about to go look he came behind me and kissed me on my cheek, " hey Babe do you like them"

" well yes I do but why it's not even my birthday" I said confused.

"am I not aloud to show my wife I love her so damn much,  oh and there's a gift for Cole in the garden too " he said with a big smile,  I decided to go towards the back yard,  and as we neared Cole ran ahead and stared shouting car car,  I was confused as he is only 3,  but when I neared it was a little electronic car that he could sit in. " Ashton it's amazing, I love you so much "
"I love you too baby both of you and congratulations by the way,
I stared at him more confused when I realised I'm late,  I started to panic.

"no no no this can't be happening".

2 weeks went by and I finally come to terms with the pregnancy and was actually excited.

My life was perfect, I couldn't be more happier.

**** sorry everyone that it's short but needed to give u the last chapter thankyou for being so wonderful to me and I may wrote another story I'm not sure yet,,,, thankyou xxx*******

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