chapter 16

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A week has passed and i have been avoiding as much contact as i can with ashton , he doesnt know me and shaun have started dating which i want to keep ot that way, but i have a feeling he knows because hes always giving me and shaun daggers from afar, dont get me wrong i still like him but i dont knoe if i can date him or be with him as a mate should, ive learnt alot this passed week about wolves and more about my powers , i have fount out i can heal people aswell i only know this as i went to the pack doctor and ran some tests and learnt my emotions control my powers which im still trying to have myself to control them and not my emotions, ive started traing and now im a more bigger wolf and stronger, and today was traing day with all the pack.

"Right everybody gather round, were gunna do a training session where one of you will be challenging a person from each rank" alpha ashton roared through the crowd and there were some grunts in response.

"So im going to pull a name from this box and whoever i say will be doing it first, and dont forget if you lose a round then the next contestant takes there turn, rules are as followed, 1 you cant quit, 2 no weapons, but you can choose which form to fight in whether that will be human or your wolf, so lets begin"

He started to rummage around the box and finally pulled a name out i was silenlty screaming dont pick me as i havent fort against anybody yet ive just mainly done laps and had a little wrestle with shaun and thats about it.

"Right then this fight will be danielle elizabeth and someone from lowest rank, raise your hand if you would wish to fight danielle" everyone in lower rank held up there hands "great" i mumbled.

"Right you with the glasses and short hair , gabby is it" the girl just grinned and nodded.

" right please take the centre you two" he looked at me with love but i just looked away got ready to start.

Ha! I beat gabby and i have fought against every rank and now its time for beta 2nd in command he was alright i didnt hate him but he was one of those boys very irratating his name was ryan and i could see he was ready, he jumped into his wolf form, i didnt even bother going in wolf form i wanted to try without, so here goes nothing.

,come on we can do this ' my wolf said in my head icouldnt help but agree.

I got into my fighting position and so did he , i could see what he was going to do so i acted like i didnt know. He came at me full force and jump in the air and tryed to to jump on top of me but i just easily side stepped out the way but when he landed i swung my body round and grabbed hold of his fur and pinned him to the ground with my hands round his neck , thats when he decided he had enough which that mean i beat him, but im not happy just yet this mezns i have to fight alpha ashton oh yay what a joy ( note the sarcasm) .

I looked up and seen him grinning from ear to ear and just like ryan he chose wolf form oh well lets see if i can beat his cheating ass , as he walked towards me claire came running up to him and placed a kiss on his lips and whisperd in his ear but because of our advanced hearing she said 'get the bitch babe' he just looked disgusted like he didnt want tohave anything to do with her , but still the jealousy struck me i tryed not to let it get to me.

We soon started to fight which we ended up on round 3 at this point no body giving up i was still in human form and he was still in wolf form , i coulcnt help but admire his beautiful wolf but as i was he took that opportunity  to pounce on me and now he was in human form naked ontop of me just staring into my eyes, he leaned in which i thouht was a kiss so i slowly moved my head towards his ear and pulled him closer then whisperd "im not done yet bad boy" this must have shocked him because as i grabbed him i pinned him down which made him struggle bht i did not care my hands was around his neck choking him i could see his face going blue but all i could see was red memorys from a week ago ran through my mind, i let him go spun around and lunged for claire but as i did everyone surrounded me and held me back, my mother came rushing towards me she dragged me away and to the pack house to calm down.

Well that was an eventful  day.......

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