chapter 12

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As i stood there starring at him the only words that seemed to come out were "why?".

"because i was scared" i was trying to find the lie in this words but all i could see was truth.

"but why was you scared what was so wrong with me that you had to reject me , me and my wolf are suffering because of you and did you even think about what youve done to me , no you didnt"

"i know and im really sorry im trying to win you back i want you, no infact i need you my wolf is hating me for what i did to you and ill do anything to be with you please just give me a chance pleaseee." he pleaded and pleaded with me and i couldnt see no fault in his words so i decided to do what my heart decided.

"fine but on chance and if you blow it i will reject you myself" and with that he ran over to me lifting me up in there air and chanting "thankyou, thankyou , thankyou , you wont regret this".

"yeah" i mumbled.

we sat there just talking and getting to know each other better , i found out we love the same food and even have the same likes in almost everything, he even said that he is going to everything for me to forgive and be trully trusted i agreed and said its going to take alot for me to forgive him.

Once we decided we had enough we decided to head home , when  we reached my backyard he kissed me on the cheek and said. " ill do anything and everything to win you back you will be mine" my cheeks blushed a bringht red. "well you better start and get making plans because its not going to be easy" i teased.

"oh dont worry i aim to please , heres my number ive already got yours ill give you a call".

"okay then bye" and with that he left , i made my way back in the house and my mom and dad were sitting there in the lounge looking very depressed.

"hey whats wrong." they jumped at the sound of my voice.

"omg darling where have you been weve been very worried about you, we thought something had happened to you your dad went out looking for you once we knew you wernt in your room your dad even broke your bedroom door down because we couldnt hear you inside we thought you ran away , please please dont do that to us ever again sweetie"

"wait you broke my door?, well your fixing it and im sorry i just went for a work and ended up at some beautiful. lake and couldnt resist taking a dip."

"wait the lake with warm water ?"

"yes that one it was lovelly"


"what whats oh no?"

"sweetie thats the enchanted lake, the witched put a spell on it to lure in the last white star wolf, theydid it so they know where it is oh no , john what are we going to do ?" john was my dads name and my mothers name was leela. i cant beieve what my mother just said now there going to be after me omg what about my family and ashton i need to do something.

"i know we going to have to let the others know what she is so we got more protection" my dad answerd.

"sweetie you go on up take a nice relaxing bath and go to sleep well tell everyone about you in the morning." 

"okay mom night mom night dad"

"night sweetie" they both replied at the same time sometimes i think they are the same person, well now it looks like my life is more harder than i thought.

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