chapter 5

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once we reached the living room we all sat down round our big mahogony coffee table in an awkward silence, my father was the one to speak first.

"well then now you have shifted for your first time we are going to do some basic training for you to adjust to your wolf and communicate with her, you may not be able to communicate just yet give it a couple of days your wolf needs to adjust to you too"

"so you wanna train me like a dog"

"no hunny you are no dog your are a wolf a special infact even though you are of royal blood are know as the white star wolf this wolf only comes around once every 100 years  also it comes with many powers but we do not know what they would be so you are very speacial we cant understande why you are it but the moon goddess must of chosen you for a specific reason"

"whats a moon godess" 

" oh dear why she is the mother of all werewolves that had been forced on creating us by a witch"

"could you tell me how would like to know"

"obvcourse sweetie"

"so the moongodess had just been a normal teenager girl when she met a lovelly young man, they fell madley inlove until one day she caught him cheating with none other than a witch  obvcourse she did not know that this woman was  a witch until one night thwitch stopped by her house and threatend her to stay away from this boy but when she had refused , the witch decided to put a curse on her to whershe turns into a werewolf, but you know being a stubborn teenager she didnt beleive her until her 17th birthday when she changed into a wolf she was shocked by her appearance and was desgusted with herself until she met a young man her soul mate he didnt mind the fact that she was a wolf so they decied to make a family and thats where we all come from and when she passed she made a promise to herself that no other wolf would be treated the way she was so she designed the perfect soulmate for each and every one of us, and thats the story of the moon goddess . Any questions sweetie"

"ermm... this is a lot to take in at the moment but when would i get my powers thats if i have any atall i dont feel it"

"we dont know sweetie s give it time, you should head to bed now youve had to deal with alot today you must be exausted"

"y your right i am tired night mom ,dad" i sed between yawns.

as i walked to my room i spottedbeautiful bed that i seemed to miss alot and just dived onto it letting myself sprawl accros it and into a deep sleep.


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