chapter 15 (not edited)

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As i got home i had such a tear stained face my eyes were blurry from the mascara. I ran straight to my mother and curled into her arms , this was my safe place right here.

"hunny what happened".

"he cheated mom he cheated, i gave him the chance he wanted and he just blew it mom what do i do" i sobbed harder into my moms chest.

"oh sweetie" she said sympathetically.

"mom how do you reject someone". she told me how and i knew what i had to do, time for payback. i texted ashton.

hey sorry for not letting you explain can we meet up maybe the lake?

yes ill be right there.x

haha he had the nerve to send a kiss. i got ready i wore some black skinny jeans my white veest top black wedges and my leather jacket leaveing my blonde hair to fall naturally.  I left the house and headed to the lake and ashton was already there waiting. he spun around and held me tight.

"im so so so sorry she was just there and came on me it wasnt me it was her"

"i know and im sorry for doubting you"

"so you forgive me"

"not quite" at this point i looked him dead in the eyes and said"

" I danielle elizabeth last royal were reject you soon to be alpha ashton mason to be my mate!" And with that i walked away and didnt look back i felt his heart break but i didnt care hes broke mine twice already and im fed up of his lies.

i got home walked staright passed my mom and went to my room. i texted shaun to meet me and said he had no choice but to meet me and he agreed. my wolf was angry at me i felt bad for her but i couldnt be with someone like that . 'im sorry ivy i had we didnt need someone like that'

'no i understand  we cant be treated that way but i just feel lost'

' i know ivy we will get over it'

'will we?'

' obvcourse ivy we will help each other'

'yeah your right' with that i cut her off and got to my local cafe 'MILLIES' i found shaun sitting at our usual booth with two coffees ready i smiled and ran to him giving him a big hug.

"ive missed you where have you been" i sat opposite him. he looked good in his jeans smart jacket and short blonde hair and peircing blue eyes he looked mesmerising. wait... why am i thinking like this about my bestfriend. i put the thought to the back of my head.

" i dont know how to tell you put your mate orderd me to stay away" i sat shocked until he spoke again." he ordered me to stay away and he thinks im in love with you and want you to myself"

"what, is this true?"

"yes the night of the party just after shopping"

"omg what a dick, well it doesnt matter now i rejected him"


"woah calm down he cheated on me with that slut claire"

"oh dan im so sorry, but im glad you messaged me i need to get something off my chest and i only think now is the right time."

""yes what is it shaun"

"well you know ive know you for years well im not going to lie i do think im falling for you and now your not with ashton maybe we can try it out"

"but what about your mate" i looked at him confused.

" i dont want one i want you, please maybe give us a chance" i sat there thinking maybe we could make it work i mean we know more about each other than anybody else does.

"okay lets try" and with that he pulled my face close towards his and kissed me like i meant the world to him and i have to admit it felt right, maybe this is what fate wanted....x

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