chapter 9

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"you think that just because you rejected me and i walked away youd think id forgive you or come running to your arms well you got another thing coming ashton"ispat his name with venom ted on my heel and walked away, i spotted my mom coming over to me with a saddend look in her eyes , i just mouthed' iwant to be alon' she nodded in understanding, i turned around only to see claire arms around ashtons neck jealosy struck me so i carried on to my room.

when i got there i pulled that rusty old book of beckys out of my bag and began reading it. It had so much stuff in it i didnt know where to start' start with us' my wolf butted in my head but i still obeyed and search for the white star wolf , i only had to flick  few pages to find what i was looking for 'THE GREAT WHITE STAR WOLF IS THE WORLDS GREATEST WOLF THAT WILL LIVE AMONG US' it read in big bold letters its said that i have the power of all elements fire air water and earth but i also have the gift of immortality also many other powers which i need to find out on my own i carried on reading.

' the great white star wolf will save the werewolf race with her cuuragious mind and love for the race not only will she be granted powers but also the pleasure of immortality, but must use her powers wisely the way for her to be stronger is to stand by her mate if she does notave a mate then she will be strong but not strong enough, she will learn her powers and start to control and understand them.

but she must be careful as therll be hunters vampires and even humans after her for her blood to use for there own will.

i stopped there as i couldnt read nomore i must hide this book and come back to it later when im ready to learn more.

'hey listen we may be the white star wolfbut that doesnt stop you from being you and learning about the world , yeah there will be dangers ahead but we can get passed them right, together we will save the werewolf race' my wolf lectured in my mind, 'ah i guess your right but im really tired i need to sleep we have a long life ahead of us' i replyed . And just as i was about to fall to sleep she asnwerd back ' you got that right' then with thafell to sleep.

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