chapter 3

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Once i reached home i got out my car and walked tothe front doorbut before i could even grab the handle the door swung open and my mom eloped me inher arms and thats when the tears started streaming down my face i dont know why i was crying i just was.

"Oh sweetie whats wrong"

"We need to talk mom"

"Oh no ill get your father i think its time"

"Time for what mom" i sed confused.

"Youll see sweetie"
"Your fathers on his way"

"But i didnt even see you call him" i looked flatly at her.

"I used my head" "huhwhat?"

"Ill explain soon sweetie"

Why was everyone acting so strange around me i heard the door open and my dad come walkin in with my brothers, why are they here? I thought to myself. " danielle come to the lounge please" the voice of my father sounded the room i obeyed and went to the lounge an sat on the sofa.

"Right then sweetie i heard you were rejected am i correct"

"Yes but what does that have to do with anything , it was random i dont even know what this is about"

"Right sweetie this is going to sound strange but you are a werewolf and i know this is a shock but just hear us out please" and then that was it i burst out laughing i had tears running down my face , then i looked to see nobody else laughing my mother looked at my father who just shrugged then i looked over at my brothers who were looking at me as if to say sorry,, wel this cant be right can it.

"Your joking right, this is some practical joke , yeah thats it your all messing with me haha you got me"

"I wish we were sweetie come lets show you"

"Okay then" i sed clearly amused lets see what this prank is this time. We walked to our huge backyard where a water fountain stood in the centre and a pool to the side , but our garden was attached to the woods behind our house no gates just pure forrest. I looked over to my family to see them standing in a line.
" so come on the  show me please "

"You may want to stand back sweetie" i did as she sed and walked back a few metres, still waiting for something to happen.
"You ready sweetie" i just nodded my head. Then all of a sudden all i heard were the sounds of bones crushing i stared wide eyed as my whole family transformed into big giant wolves.

"OMG" then everything went black.............

Once i awoke i was on my comfy bed when i heard a knock on my door"what" "sweetie could you come down once you have freshend up please we need to talk""ok" what would she possibly want to talk to me for , then last nights events started playing through my mind, am i ready to see my family yet or not, no i have to find out whats been going on.

Ad i walked down the stairs i smelt bacon mmmmmm my favourite..

"Hey mom hey dad"
"Morning honey do you remember last night" i faintly nodded but didnt say anything until dad cleared his throat.
" right then now its time to tell you everything from the beginning, we are all werewolfs and we are what you wiuld call royal we are the last of the royal family in the werewolf world, we have things called mates , me and your mother are mates, soulmates you know they are your soulmate from one single touch smelk or looking in those eyes" "wait so when ashton came up and sed mate that means im his soulmate" i stated.
"Well yes but i know he rejdcted you but for it to be complete you have to accept it but you dont have to seeing as if he has regretted it you would be the luna ," "whats a luna"
"A luna is the mother of the pack that stands by her mate and rule the pack which is the alpha and that is ashton , theydo notknow that we are the last royal so you cant tell anyone. You will turn at age 17 which is today so you cant leave we have to keep you locked here as you will endanger everyone here and yourself,, i will explain more when you have shifted as you may understabd more then."
I couldnt believe what i was hearing . " this is alot to take it mom can i just go to my room please " "im sorry sweetie but you cant you have to come with me" "where""just follow me"
I followed my mom towards the basement it was dark but it had a cozy feeling to it. "Why are we down here mom "  " because sweetie you will be shifting soon you hsve to stay here till its over im sorry but we have to lock you in the cell its for your own safety sweetie"
"Its okay mom i think i understand " "okay sweetie thank you for understanding" i just smiled weekly at her and went in the cell.

" ilove you sweetie"
"Love you to mom" and with that she locked me in........

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