chapter 19

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Its now been 1 year since everything happened and 1 year since me and ashton made it official, hes been great always by my side and always looking out for me but i have to say hes a little too over protective, i mean last week i fell in the backyard as i was playing on our trampoline with becky i mean i only bumped my head a little and he went crazy taking me to the pack doctor to see all the damage , but ashton wouldnt listen to me or anybody he still insists that im badly hurt but im walking around tottally fine.

Me and ashton finally had sex , i madd him wait awhile first i made him wait 11 months exact i just wanted to see him suffer but im glad we did it then it was amazing i feel more in love than i ever did with him and im glad.

"Hey baby girl what you doing?"ashton ome walking into our room. Yes our room we decided to live together in the pack house.

"Ermm nothing just sitting here, i might text becky in a sec see if she wants to head out to shopping, you know im in need of new clothes"

"Im not really sure you should go out youcould hurt yourself"

"Oh stop being dramatic i had one fall and bumped my head what damage could i have really done?"

"Hmmm" he mutterd

" haha i just texted her shes on her way ill see you when i get back okay" ireached up and kissed his cheek and left before he could say anymore. Becky turned up 5 minutes later and we were off to the mall.

"Hey danny why do you smell different"

"What do youmean i showered this morning"

"No i mean you smell too different , ohi know did you and ashton us a condom"

"Beckkkkyyy! What sort of question is that and no we didnt why" she just looked at me funny till realisation hit me.

"Omg i think i need to get some tests"

"Yeah lets go".

We were now in beckys bedroom while we waiting for the test , im sure its been more than 3 minutes now ill go check.

"Omg beckythats another one there all saying the same, what am i going to do"

"Well first you need to tell ashton , then second we got to go shopping "

"No i dont want to tell him hell freak out"

"He cant freak out because that baby is the next alpha so im sure he will be thrilled"

"Yeah your right ill head over there now then"

As i headed back To the pack hohse i was sitting in the drive way thinking of what to say when i could sense him near.

"Shitshitshit" i mutterdd to myself.

" hey babe what you doing out here come inside " he smiled sweetley at me.

"Ashton wait can we talk first"

"Yeah whats up"

"Ermm ....... im just going to spit it out" i sat silent for a good few seconds then said "ashton your " but before i could finish ashton butted in.

"Going to be a father i know , ive know for ages now actually"

"What how did you know, i didnt know myself till today "

" well since we are werewolves i can sense better also im alpha that enhances it and i could smell you and i could here and extra heartbeat , but i didnt want to tell you till you found out yourself, why do you think ive been protecting you more lately"

" well you could of told me you knew i was scared to tell you ... but are you happy"

"Obvcourse im happy the woman  i love is having my baby" he picked me up in theair and swung me round kissing me everywhere.. everythjng felt perfect now.

"We need to tell our parents now then."

"Wait not yet i wanted to know erm " he was scratching the back of his neck." Can i mark you"


"What yes"

"Yes ive been waiting for you to ask so yes please mark me already" ipulld my hair back and exposed my neck for him to mark me ,, when he sank his teeth into me it hurt so bad but then seconds later it turned to pleasure and i moaned, he licked the spot then pulled my hair forward.

"Now lets go and tell everyone". I smiled and walked by his side, we entered the house and everyone was sitting there waiting as ifthey k ew i looked at ashton suspicioully.

"I mindlinked everyone to be here totell them we had some news"

"Okay" everyone was looking at us suspiciously  waiting our news so i let ashton speak.

"Hello everybody i could you here to announce some exciting news , danny is pregnant with our child" everyone started clapping and cheering us and loads of people shouting at us, it was madness. "But thats not all please stay quiet" i was confused at this point until ashton turned to face me ad got down on one knee.

"Danielle elizabeth i love you more than words can say you are my world and im more than happy to be a father to our child , now would you do the honour of marryig me" i stood shocked for amoment and let everything sink in until i wrapped my arms around his neck and shouted, "yes!yes obvcourse ill marry you" he swooped me up and kissed me so hard on my lips when we broke they were swollen , now even louder shouts and screams were heard while everbody piled on us and congratulated us more.

My life is just perfect.

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