chapter 13

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that night i had a strange dream about witches but it almost felt real as if i was right there with them but i was the one chained up and could fell and even smell what was in that dream. i smelt thye burning of candles but not any ordinary candle it smelt weird like it wasnt wax burning it was something else i couldnt quite put my finger on it . but there was one thing i couldnt get out of my head was them chanting something strange almost as if it was a spell it went something like,

Om Tryambakam yajamahe

sugadhim pusti vardhanam

urvarukam iva badhanan

Mrytyor mukseeya mamritat

so i decided to get my book out and had a good look through to try and see if it meant something but nothing came up , so my only option was to search the net.

so here i was sitting with my laptop in my room and searching this spell and it came up with immortallity so i had the spell translated at it said,                Om we worship the Tree Eyed One (Tryambaka, name of Siva)

The sweet smelling one who nourishes everyone and fulfils our lives

Just as the cucumber is liberated from its bondages

May the He liberate us from death for the sake of immortality.

Now thinking about it could this be a vision of some sort of what might happen.I put that thought to the back of my head and tryed not to think about it .I need to find a witch that can help. As i was searching more stuff my friend becky decided to barge in my room just as i slammed the laptop shut.

"sorry your mom let me in. what you doing you look very shifty there."

"oh noithing just some homework."i lied.

"ooo miss goodygoody."

"shutup, hey you heard off shaun"

"yes, but he dont want to talk to you, what dis you do to piss him off"

"i dont think i did anything last time i seen him was when we was shopping, maybe i should give him a call."

"yeah you should see what the deal is"

"hello" a gruftly voice answerd.

"hey shaun its danielle whats up"

"erm sorry danielle i have to go bye" and with that he cut off the phone . becky gave me a knowing look but i decided to egnore her.


"coming mom, come on becky lets see what she wants".

As we walking down the stairs my mom had a grin her face "whats with the grin mom"

"someones at the door for you sweetie"

"really i have a visitor, well thats rare". As i walked to the door i opened it to see roses covering the whole lawn and a guy standing there with abunch in his hands.

"hello who are you"

"hiya my names tom and i was sent to deliver these to a danielle i belive thats you so here you go" he sed and after he handed me the flowers he went on his way. I spotted a note in the roses so i took it out , but before i could read it it was snatched out my hand by my unfortunatly best friend.

"hey  give it back becks"

"nope let me read it you its from lover boy" i huffed in response.


"dear my beautiful mate , you are the best thing to happen to me so i would like to prove it by taking you out be ready at 7:30 im coming to pick you up,, loads of love A. P.S where something casual"

" like a date" i asked 

" well duhhh come on lets get you ready"

"but its only 3pm"

"yeah but we have a lot of work to do"

"oh well thanks nice to know your my friend enough to insult me"

"well what are bestfriends for". and with that she dragged me upstairs.......



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