chapter 7

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What i heard was none other than my ex bestfriend claire talking about what i think was me.

"gosh i cant belive shes his mate shes not worthy of being the luna she just witty and trampy , im going to make him love me and ill finally become luna just like ive alwys wanted i have a friend of mine that could help me in this situation"

"but what if they find out" whoever she was talking to stated probably one of her tiny little pinhead minions, but little did tnnow i heard the whole conversation.

"hurry up danielle we want to see the dress"becky shouted from out the door.

"one second im coming now" icouldnt hear the last part of conversation as my annoying friends were calling me, As soon as i left that door becky, shaun and the assistent were starring wide eyed, " ermm what whats wrong it dont look right does is"

"nooo nooo thats the dress omg you look so  beautiful , we need shoes come on lets look"becky squeeled.

"lme just take the dress off then well look"

"no you cant we need to see the shoes on you with the dress"

"fine then lets go" i stated in a bored tone.

Once we finished shopping we headed to beckys house to get ready her mom greeted us and said to carry on upstairs and get ready. "come on we have a lot of work to do " becky sound more excited than me at this point.

"oh can you quicky head over to y bedside take and fete my phone i think i have a dozen messages i need to quickly attend to" i did as she asked and went and grabbed her phone, as i picked up the phone i noticed an old looking book so i reached out and grabbed that to.

"hey becks whats this " i said holding up the book.

"oh that old thing it has the legends of wewolfs in the book maybe you should take it and read more about us, it might do you good, but right now we need to get you ready". i set the book aside and let becky work her magic i was sitting there for a couple of hours while becky done my hair, make-up and my nails.

"right then we are officially done, obut before you see go get your dress and shoes on first" i did as was asked and got in my dress, the shoes i picked were a silver and paleink with diamontes on them, i slipped them on and headed back to the bedroom where becky was waiting paitently.

"WOW you look stunning you are going to melt ashtons heart hell be running back to ou in no time"

"becks im not doing this for him im doing it for my mom, shes making me do this"

"yeah your right , okay then lets go your party awaites you my dear friend" she says with a mystous grin on her face but i couldnt help but laugh at the attempts my bestfriend made of trying to be posh, well i didnt work i can tell you that.

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