chapter 14

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IT was now 7:00pm and i was just getting my clothes on i wore a white vest top with high waisted jeans and wedges i was sitting patiently when my phone buzzed.

hey sorry were going to have to take a rain check sorry love always A.x

I was that angry i didnt reply. My wolf huffed in annoyance.

'its okay ivy we dont need him anyway'.

'its easy for you to say im craving his touch'

'not now ivey' and with that i cut her off not needing any lectures. i decided to text shaun and see if he wanted to hangout, he didnt reply so i texted becky and she simply reply yes asif she new what happened she was here like a shot and i could hear her feet running up the stairs.

"what happened and why are you not on that date" she rambled as she burst through my door.

"stood me up said he wanted a raincheck"

"well im not having thiss come with me"

"where we going"

"youll see" she dragged me outside to her car, i got in the passenger side and she got in drivers side.

"buckle up" she sed

"where are you taking me becky"

"youll see"...

As we reached a familiar drive way becky was giving me a knowing look.

"becky what are we doing here"

"finding out what lover boy is doing to blow off his mate, he hasnt gone out his cars still here" and funny enough his car was in the drive just in front of us , a frown made its way to my face so now i was curious. i got out the car and so did becky as we got to the front door we heard giggling from insed the house , jealosy struck me so i went near the window to get a better look and what i saw had my blood boiling. that fucking claire was straddling ashton what the fuck was she doing. All of a sudden i saw red and i dont know what happened but when i could see clearly again claire was stook to ceiling screaming.


"baby what are you doing its not what it looks like just let her down" he looking straight in my eyes but i seen n o truth.

" GET AWAY FROM ME YOU CHEATING PIG" i swung my fist back and punched him in his face and suprisingly i knocked him out cold and by this time the bitch stopped screaming, i looked up and her jaw and dropped.

" you you you killed him"

"oh princess shut up hes not dead, your such a whore" with that i dropped her and walked out and seen becky starring at me wide eyed.

"wow that was so cool, can you do it again"

"no becky now please take me home i need a chat with my parent"


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