chapter two ..not edited

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"Umm...umm..ummm what?" I stood shocked by his words.

"Please i relly like you and may even love you"

" but i..i..i .." looking in his eyes then he suddenly burst out laughing, i just stood confused didnt know what to do .
"Um what are you laughing at "

"Im sorry its just.. your face so funny BECKY did you get it" i turned and seen becky with a camera ypuve got tobe kidding me not againnnnnnn!

"You guys thats just mean why would you do that to me i thought you was serious, ihate you both" i stated the  walking offignoring them shouting my name and for me to come back, as i rounded the corner i spotted ashton with his possy they were all giving him high 5s as he is 17 today it sucks that my birthdays the day after.

Juat as i walked passed i heard footsteps so i turned to see the one and only ashton standing right in front of me "mate" he sed i was just too confused mate what did he mean..

"I cant do this you are not my mate, lets grt this over with shall we, i soon tobe alpha ashton henry mason, reject you danielle elizabeth rose cross to be my mate" and with that he walked away didnteven look back but something inside me stirredwhatdid hemean reject me as his mate , i need to go home and speak to my father about this this has left me so confused.

"Danielle" i turned to see my bestfriends next to me .
"What did he mean becayse i have no idea"
"Maybe you should speak to your parents"
"Yeah i will" but part of me knew that they knew what happened but i let it slidd and made my way to my car..


Sorryshort chapter im swamped with my two babies but i will update soon as thankyou my lovelly readers..

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