chapter 10

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 >>picture of ashton to the side>>>>


I didnt mean to reject her she was the most beautful girl i had ever seen, i just couldnt face being hated by all my friends because none of them liked her she always hung out with that becky and she was just a nerd and that guy shes always withi think his name is shaun, i dont get why she hangs around him for you can clearly see he fancies her but i wont let it happen ive already threatened him to stay away from danielle hes just not good for her


"hey yuor names shaun right"

"yes why?"

"stay away from danielle because if i see you with her again you will be banished from the pack and if you find your mate i would find a witch and have her break your bond do i make myself clear" i sed in my lpha voice so he has to obey my command.

"yes alpha ashton"

"good now get out my face"

**flashback over**

Now thinking back to it i dont know if i done the right thing becauseas going to win danielle back shell probably end up hating for keeping her so called best friend from her.                                             When i seem her at her party i couldnt take my eyes off her and as soon as her mom ask if anyone would like to dance with her my hand shot up straight away but my eyes stayed planted on the beautiful blonde bombshell standing a few feet away from me, feeling her touch sent shivers down my spine but that soon left when she yanked her hand away from me, her words still ring in my head they just go over and over again i just didnt know where to put myself but i let her walk away from me i disnt deserve her love, but thats when claire thought she had the chance to come over to me.

"hey baby"she purred but quite honstly it made me sick, srapped her arms around me and started leaning in for a kiss,

"erm what are you doing get off me"

"ashton baby dont be like that , its because of her isnt it" i didnt reply to the slut,

"i know you want me ashton you dont want no trash afterall you did reject the skank" that got me boiling my mate is not no skank.

"WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE THE ONLY SKANK AROUND HERE IS YOU , YOU DARE TALK ABOUT MY MATE THAT WAY I WILL PERSONALLY RIP YOU TO SHREYOU WORTHLESS PEICE OF SHIT, NOW GET OUT OF MY FACE"  she flinched but ran away crying, but thats when i noticed all eyes was on me even her parents and my parents they looked angry, what am i going to do? im in deep shit..

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