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chapter 4

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as soon as my mother locked the door i felt isolated not being able to go anywhere so i say back and waited for something to happen but it seemed li was in here for hours, i spotted a comfy bed in the corner of the room and suddenly felt tired so i made mt over there and down and felt myself going into a deep slumber..


i was walking in the woods on a hot summers night i ended up at a nearby lake which just captureed my eye so i decided to go over and feeel how cold the water is , to my suprise it was actually lovely and warm so i decided to take a dip. Once i was in the water i let myself just float when i started hearing singing it sounded just like an angel so i let my serift while i heard this enticing voice and just relax.

but that was when i saw a movement in the corner of my eye it was a wolf but not just any wolf it just looked beautiful it was pure black with a tint of purple and bright blue eyes that just sucked me in , so i decided to take a closer look, as i went over the mysterious wolf did not move so i patted its fur and just looked at it with so much love , i couldnt understand why i was feeling this affection towards a wor must be mad right butthat when i noticed it look down at my body and tilt its head  only cng me to look down too and rememberd i was NAKED i quickly grabbed my clothes and ran back home , but soon stopped in my tracks when i heard bones crunching it caused me to turn around my eyes widend at the sight before me as i saw you was standing there it was none other thann........


I screamed and screamed but nobody came what was what was happening to me,all i heard and felt was my bones breaking into two and this was oning for about 15 muintes then automatically just stopped , i looked down and i had bright white paws and as i looked up i saw my family there with shocked lookes on there faces i tryed to speak but all that came out was what sounded like a howl am i a wolf? i asked my self but as i asked a voice popped in my head .

"y you are sweetie"


"yes hunny its me "

"but how are you in my head?"

"we can speak to you thorugh mindlink , and as you are a wolf you are able to do so being a wolf and in humam form"

"how can i change back"

"just think of your human body and nothing else and you should be able to change back"  i did what she asked and thought of my human self and nothing else, and when i did my bones crunched as i began to change and im not going to lie it hurt like a bitch.

"here sweetie cover yourself up" she threw me a blanket so i quickly picked it up and wrapped it round my tiny body, as soon as i was done mom mom unlocked the door and asked me to follow her so i obeyed.

"we have a lot to discus dannielle"

"teah we do"i mumbled.


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