chapter one , sorry not edited so some mistakes

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Beep beep beep

"Ghfgfhf" thats all i can here on this fine dandy morning (note sarcasm) is my stupid alarm clock i swear if it dont shut up the i may have to throw out mywindow.
I looked over at the clock andseen it was 6:30 , sighing i got out of bed and walked to thebathroom to sort my self out .

I hopped out of the shower and walked to my chest of drawer and the perfect outfit to start school im excited for school today asmy bestfriend shaun is back from holiday and he said he has a suprise for me.

"Danielle breakfast is ready hurry before i send the boys up" my mother shouted in her threating voice."shit" i cursed as i rushed to get ready , asi put my last shoe on my brothers come bursting through the my door.

" danielle mom told us to come and get you so here we are" jack said as heheld a water gun,

"Dont you dare im done im coming put those things away" i said grabbing the guns off them.

"Omm your no fun" dylan pouted.

"Yea well i dont want to be wet going to school now do i" i sed heading to the kitchen where my breakfast lay on the counter, it was eggs bacon sausage and evenhash browns, i turned to look at mum who was humming away drinking her coffee,well someones happy i thought to myself.

"Why so happy mum"

"Huh , what was that dear"

"I nevermind im heading off now. Cya mom give dad a kiss from me" not that she will hearme as shes just daydreaming away..

"Oh hunny i want to give you something, i know its not your birthday till tommorow but i wanted to give you this today" she handed me a little red box so as you do i shook it, mom looked at me with happiness in her eyes, so gradually i opened and there say keys KEYS!
"Mom is this what i think it is"

"Why dont you go outside and see for yourself" i pratically ran outside and there she was my beautiful audi r8 , my worlds favourite car and i just so happen to have one.

"Omg, omg , omg mom thankyou thankyou thankyou i love you so much i cant belive it eeeeeeeekkkk"

"Now now hunny it wasnt me thank your father when you get back from school okay"

"Okay mom love you byeee"

Wow my very own car butnot just any car and audi r8 , i hopped inside and felt it roar it gave me butterflies .
I set off to school looking for a parking spot to put my car but there was only one space left so i thought nothing and parked right next to a red ferrari .. but wait hold on isnt that.....

And there hewas getting out his beautiful car was none other than ashton mason he has short hair , dark jeans and a tight white top and holding his leather, he was just georgous.
'Bang bang bang'

I snapped out my gaze and saw my best friend becky standing there waiting for me to jump out the car.
"Hey nice ride birthday?"
"Yeah mom sed she wanted me to have it now"
"Gosh your so lucky"
"I know , oh is shaun here yet?"
"Oh yeah he toldme to tell you to meet you at the back of the school on the benches"
"Oh okay see you in class"
"Yeah cya".
As i walked around the back of the school inoticed somepeoplewere none stop staring but i brushed it off and carried on ,as i rounded thecorner i spotted my bestffiend casually leaning there in his bkackjeans grey top and whitey grey hightops.
"Hey shaun i missed you" i sed as i raninto his arms,

"Hey dan i wanted to ask you something" looking confused i looked in to his eyes and gesterd for him to carryon.

"Weve been bestfriends sincei can remember and arggh this is hard to do ermm... i ..i.. really like you and would like to ask youto be my girlfriend"............

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