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Sagittarius POV

One spark flurried through the air, followed by a few more, but that was all they were. Sparks. Always just sparks. "DAMMIT!" I yelled, slamming my fist against a nearby tree. Aries glanced over at me as I ran my hands over my face. He pulled them off, gripping them tightly.

"Calm down." He ordered, my hands still clasped in his like a bear trap.

"I'm just— just so frustrated!" I exclaimed, glaring at the grassy floor. "You, Gem, and Aqua can all use your powers with no problem, so why can't I?! I feel so useless and it pisses me off!" My hands were shaking from anger, and he seemed to notice as well.

Aries pulled me into a tight hug, pressing me against him. I usually hated hugs, but... this one was tolerable, I guess. "Take a deep breath." I did as he said, and exhaled shakily. "Now do it again." This process repeated a few more times before he let me go.

"I'm sorry," I groaned, covering my face which was red from embarrassment. "I'm not usually such a crybaby. I just- OW!" Aries flicked my forehead, making me look up at him with a glare. My anger didn't last long, seeing the slight smile on his face.

"You don't need to apologize. I've gone through the same thing more times than I'd like to admit, so don't be sorry." My body relaxed at his words, and I wasn't as tense anymore. Something about knowing we understood each other — even if just a little bit — was oddly... comforting.

Sadly, peace must always come to an end.

"SAGGYYY!!" Gemini called out, running to us excitedly. I rolled my eyes at Gemini as Aries glared. "You'll never guess what we found!" Gemini ran towards us excitedly, but before he could get close, he tripped on a tree root. He was sent flying through the air, eventually falling down onto the ground with a Crash!

I bursted into laughter at him, laughing even harder when I saw his annoyed expression. "Serves you right, idiot." Aquarius remarked, walking over with two others behind her. She flashed a peace sign at me, smiling. "Sup."

"Who are those two?" Aries asked, glancing suspiciously at the two figures.

"Oh, right." Aquarius moved to the side, and motioned towards the two with a dramatic flick of the wrist. "This is Libra and Pisces."

"Okay..? But why did you bring them here?" Aries clarified sarcastically.

"I think they're both part of the twelve." My eyes lit up at this new information.

"Nice job, Aqua!" I high-fived her enthusiastically. I turned back towards Libra and Pisces, grinning widely. "So... what're your guys' powers?"

"Well, I think mine has something to do with gravity... but, I'm still not completely sure." I nodded, and looked at the boy, Pisces, who was squirming around uncomfortably.

"And him?" I asked. Libra frowned slightly.

"I don't know. But, he healed super quick earlier, and that has to mean something, right?" She said with hopeful eyes.


"Sag." Aries called out. Huh. Nicknames already? Alright then. "Can I talk to you?" He added on, glancing at the two newcomers. "In private."

I smiled apologetically at Libra and Pisces, then followed Aries a place out of hearing distance. "What's up?"

He thought for a second before speaking. "Can we trust them? I mean, Gemini and Aquarius just found them in a forest, saying they have powers. They might claim to have seen them, but I haven't, and neither have you. What if they're lying?"

"Hmm... I supposed you're right. I trust Aqua to make good decisions, but Gemini isn't the sharpest tool in the shed, so there is a possibility they've been tricked." He looked relieved I was willing to hear him out.

"The simplest way to resolve this issue would probably just be to have them both show us their powers." I nodded in response, but then remembered what Libra had said.

"And him?" I asked. Libra frowned slightly.

"I don't know. But, he healed super quick earlier, and that has to mean something, right?"

"For Libra? Yes. But she said they still don't know what Pisces' power is, or for that matter if he even has one." Aries thought about what I had said, before a lightbulb appeared over his head.

"Wait, all of us can heal really quick, right?" I nodded slowly, confused as to where this was going. "So, then all we have to do to see if they're telling the truth of not is to injure him somehow."

My eyes widened at the violent idea. "Aries-"

"It doesn't have to be too painful, just a small cut across his palm or something, but it has to be visible enough so that we can watch it heal ourselves." He explained, watching me carefully as I considered the idea.

I mean, Pisces is a person — a person with feelings, and emotions. We shouldn't just cut him because of a hunch! Not to mention Libra seemed pretty protective over him, so hurting him might piss her off as well. But this sort of secret... we needed to be careful with it, or else everything would get out of hand.

His idea wasn't something I would agree with unless it was absolutely necessary. It was crazy. But crazy enough, that it might just work. I looked him in the eyes and smirked. "It seems we have ourselves a plan, Mr. Ember."

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