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Cancer POV

"...the classroom should be... but then it's not... maybe to the left..?" I mumbled, trying to decipher the school map given to me by the principal. I groaned in frustration at the pixelated drawing. Looking up, I found that the hallways were pretty much deserted.

Great going Cancer, you took so long to find your class — that you didn't even end up finding — that everyone already went to class.

Hesitantly, I walked up to the one person left in the hallway. He was leaning against the lockers with his eyes closed and arms crossed. I lightly tapped his shoulder, making him glance at me annoyed.

"Um, excuse me Mister, but I'm new here and I can't find the History classroom. Do you know where it is?" I asked with a small smile.

"And what's in it for me?" He arched an eyebrow. I looked at him confused before my eyes lit up.

"Oh! You want payment!" I realized.

"Now you're getting it, sweetheart." He smirked. I swung my backpack around and pulled out a small container.

"If you help me, I'll give you one of my cookies!" I handed the chocolate chip cookie to him. He looked down at the cookie then back at me with an expression I couldn't decipher.

"Gosh, you're a tough bargainer. Fine. Two cookies." I pulled out another one, still extending my hand.

"I-if you don't like chocolate chip I have other flavors.." I mumbled quietly. Why wasn't he taking them? Did he not like cookies or something?

After a few more moments, he snatched the cookies from my hand and wolfed one down, making me smile widely.

"History is this way.." He said under his breath, pulling my hand. I glanced at his scowled expression.

"So... what's your name?" He looked at me before returning his gaze in front of him.


"My name's Cancer!"

We weren't walking as fast now, but I noticed he was still holding my hand. I didn't really mind though. I liked the warmth they radiated. When we finally reached the History classroom, Scorpio let go of my hand, clearing his throat awkwardly.

"Here's History." He started to walk away but I stopped him.

"Wait, what class do you have?"


"Well then why are you walking away?" I looked up at him confused. This boy didn't make much sense.

"No reason." He sighed before pulling me into the class with him.

The teacher glared at Scorpio as we entered the room, but looked at me curiously. "Ms. Cancer, it is your first day and you're already late to your first class."

"I'm sorry, I got lost and asked him to help me.." I explained guiltily. She narrowed her eyes suspiciously at Scorpio and sighed.

"Alright, I'll let it slide this time. Take your seats." Rolling his eyes, Scorpio sat in the back. I followed after him, sitting in the seat next to him. He stared at me, a troubled expression on his face.

"What the hell are you doing??" He whispered sharply.

"Sitting next to my friend, what does it look like I'm doing?" I whispered back. If I didn't understand him before, I definitely didn't understand him any better now.

"Hey!" I turned to my left. "You're new right?" I nodded. "I'm Libra." The girl grinned.

"I'm-" A sudden image appeared in my head making me inhale sharply. Floating objects flying around the room, a girl in the center of it all. With the flick of a wrist, everything comes crashing down.

"Hey, you alright?" I flinched, coming back to reality. A small blush covered my cheeks in embarrassment.

"O-oh, yeah sorry.." I assured, biting my lip nervously.

What was that image?? And why did it feel so... real?

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