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Virgo POV

"I don't get it." My jaw clenched and I slowly raised my head, meeting the eyes of Leo.

"Excuse me?" I glared at him.

"I saaaid," He rolled his eyes, laying his head down into his arms. "I. Don't. Get. It." He sang, pronouncing each word slowly.


"I'm sorry, darling. I'm just so hypnotized by your ethereal beauty, it's impossible to focus on math..." Leo smirked, winking. I looked away and grit my teeth, my cheeks growing hot.

I blush easily — I always have, even as a kid. I couldn't help it, and that made me angry. Add that to the fact that we've barely finished three problems over the past hour and a half, and I was practically fuming. I grabbed the closest thing to me and threw it at him.

Too bad that thing just happened to be a stapler.

His eyes widened, and seconds before it made contact with his face, the stapler melted away and the remaining liquid dripped to the table. It. Melted. Not only that, but the places where the liquid had touched the table were also melted. My eyes widened, but before I could start screaming, Leo covered my mouth.

"Okay, I know what this looks like, but just — just let me explain!" I ripped his hand off of my face, and scrambled away from the table. Leo called after me, but it was too late, because I was already out the door.

Some students stared as I practically ran for my life, and others laughed. Leo, who was chasing me, flipped them off for me. I had a good ten feet distance between us, but he was gaining on me, and fast. I made a quick turn down the hall, and just to my luck, it was a dead end. I was cornered.

Even though I didn't have anywhere else to go and was no longer running, Leo still tackled me, sending the both of us crashing to the floor. He took most of the fall trying not to hurt me, but the shock of the blow still startled me. "OW! WHAT THE F-"

"GOD DAMN, YOU RUN FAST!" He laughed, not releasing his grip on me. I didn't respond, and rolled my eyes instead. "Too bad for you, I'm captain of the football team." Even though I couldn't see his face, I knew he was winking. How annoying.

"LET ME GO, YOU HOT DOG WATER ICE CUBE EQUIVALENT OF A HUMAN BEING!" I screamed, not caring how many people were currently recording the scene unfolding.

"Promise you won't run away if I do, then sure." Leo said in a singsong voice.

"FINE!" Reluctantly, he finally let go, and the second that he did, I was running down the halls once more.


"Fool me once," He paused to take a deep breath; I did the same. "Shame on you. Fool me twice," Another breath. "Again, shame on you. But fool me siX TIMES!" At this point we were both gasping for air. "AND STILL SHAME ON YOU! LIKE WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL?!"

I scoffed before looking up to meet his eyes. "You're the one who believed me all six times." He rolled his eyes at me. "Also, can you let me out? I really don't think these ropes are necessary."

I squirmed around on the chair he had tied me onto. After I had managed to escape for the sixth time, I was surprised he actually had a half decent idea in his empty, desolate brain.

Leo stepped forward, leaning his hands on the armrests beside me, so that his face was inches away from mine. "No. I'm not letting you go until you hear me out." The intensity in his eyes left no room for discussion. Begrudgingly, I agreed. He smirked in response. That stupid smirk.

"Alright, well I guess I'll just start from the beginning," Leo pulled up a chair, sitting across from me. "A couple of days ago, this weird... ability showed up."

"It just appeared out of nowhere? Really? No spider bite or alien life form? Nothing?" I teased, making him laugh slightly.

"God, I wish. Then at least then I'd have some sort of explanation for what's been happening." He stared at the floor, looking at the tiles in concentration.

"Have you... hurt anyone? With your power..?" I asked hesitantly. He looked back up at me, eyes boring into mine.

"Thankfully, no." At this, I sighed in relief. I couldn't explain it exactly, but that one sentence lifted the looming sense of anxiety that I'd had since he first melted the stapler. Was that why I was running away from him this entire time? Cause I was... scared?

"Okay. I won't run." He raised his eyebrow skeptically. "For real this time, I swear." I rolled my eyes. Slowly, he untied the ropes, and I was free. Sticking to my word — shocking, I know — I didn't run away.

"...You were scared of me, weren't you?" My breath hitched at Leo's words. "I get it. I'd be pretty freaked out too." He smiled, but it was pretty obvious it was forced.

I wanted to say something. You're not scary, Leo! In fact, you're not intimidating in the slightest! No, that wouldn't work. Oh, stop being a drama queen, you little crybaby. Yeah, that's definitely not going to work.

Ignoring my confusing thoughts, I stepped forward and wrapped my arms around him, pulling Leo into a hug. I had heard that actions speak louder than words, so I suppose I was putting that to the test. He was tense, but soon got comfortable, hugging me back tightly.

Even if I was scared, I shouldn't have done what I did. No one should have to feel as if they're the reason for people's fear.

Not even an idiot like Leo.

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