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Aquarius POV

"Is that them?!"

"I can't believe it!!"

"I didn't imagine them looking so... unpleasant."

"We're saved!"

"Jesus my head.." I groaned. What was all that noise? And why was my bed so uncomfortable?

"I can't breathe..!" A voice from below me gasped. My bed was talking! I always knew it could communicate!

"EEK! NO PISCES DON'T DIE!" Wait, Pisces?? I opened my eyes just as I felt myself being thrown through the air.

"WHATTHEFU-" I slammed into somebody else, making the both of us crash to the floor. After the impact, I winced and looked down, only to be met by Gemini's face. "Ew." I stood up, whipping my head back and forth to try and figure out where I was. "Okay, anyone want to explain to me what the hell is going- on..?"

Surrounding all twelve of us were what I'd guess nearly a hundred people. All of whom were staring at us as though we were exotic zoo animals. Nearby stood Capricorn, who I heard mumble under his breath. "Well, the circle worked, that's for sure."

As I peered at the rest of my, er, acquaintances' dumbfound faces, I felt even more confused. Where in the world were we? And why were all of these people wearing such strange outfits? Next to me, Sagittarius yelped in surprise, followed by a bright flash.

What the hell? These people are taking pictures of us! Maybe they really do think we're zoo animals..

A minor explosion came from Aries' palms, directed towards the man who took the picture. "And just what do you think you're doing?" Aries snapped, a fierce glare in his eyes.

Before the shaking man could answer, another woman came forward, snapping a close-up picture of him. And then, we were being swamped by flashes and clicks, as well as loud questions. A microphone nearly hit me in the face.

"EVERYBODY BACK UP!" Leo, the normally pleasant one of us, yelled, not hiding the anger in his voice. In his arms was Virgo, who seemed to be trembling. Not a single person followed his orders. He turned to Cancer, desperation in his eyes. She nodded, seeming to understand.

Within seconds, a light blue barrier surrounded us, forcing the other people away. Even the noise from the outside had been muffled. We could still see the people watching us — although they were a bit blurry — but it sure as hell was an improvement from a camera lodged in front of my face.

Taurus was the first one to speak. Her voice wavered slightly, likely from panic. She was clutching Capricorn's wrist like a lifeline. "What was that?" No one could answer.

"A bunch of assholes who don't know what personal space means, apparently." I said.

Pisces scoffed. "Yeah, that's for sure."

"Cancer, what else happened besides us going through that portal in your dream?" Libra asked. Cancer stared at the floor in concentration, eyes glowing from her power.

With a sigh, she shook her head. "After we entered it, nothing. It ended there," Cancer looked at all of us, guilt in her eyes. "I'm sorry I couldn't be of more help."

Scorpio walked over to her, putting his hand on her head. "You did just fine, Cance. There's no way you could've known all this would happen." Scorpio glanced back towards the rest of us, a menacing look on his face. "Now I don't know about you guys. But if these asswipes don't leave soon, I'm more than prepared to.. convince them."

I wasn't so sure his 'convincing' had much to do with words. Although with the way those people had acted, none of us were all that opposed to his suggestion.

Before Scorpio could plot his murder plans any further, Libra pointed towards the outside. "Hey guys, I think something's happening," I followed her gaze, and she was right.

The entire crowd had distanced themselves from us, and were separating through the middle. "Cancer, lower the barrier," Scorpio said. She complied. The blue sphere slowly disappeared, shrinking away into nothing.

"MAKE WAY FOR HER ROYAL HIGHNESS," A loud voice announced. Her highness?

Emerging from the crowd appeared a beautiful woman, a kind smile on her face. Sitting atop her head was a crown made of literal light, yet it didn't hurt to look at. I felt the tension leave my body as she made eye contact with us. The woman grinned, her lavender eyes glowing.

"Welcome, zodiacs. We've been waiting."

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