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Gemini POV







I laid down on the hard sculptured concrete, my fingers swirling in the fountain water. I felt a couple of fish swim by my hand as I continued to pull out the 'wish change'. Some call it stealing. I call it borrowing from the dumb and delusional. It was a bit strange that there were fish in this fountain (god only knows how they've managed to survive for so long) but who am I to judge the lifestyle of fish.

"Gemini, what the hell are you doing?" I turned my head lazily to the side.

"Heyyy saggy," she glared at her nickname. "Just waiting for the rest of you to fiiinally show up. It's rude for the coordinators to not show up to their own event, you know?"

"Oh, shut up."

I smirked. "Make me."

Sagittarius grinned back before setting
a leaf on fire as it fell towards my face from the tree above. I screamed briefly, then rolled off of the fountain edge in a panic, landing with a thud. I lifted an eyebrow at her amused expression.

"That was petty."

Aquarius showed up from another direction, standing next to Sagittarius. "You deserved it."

I sat up suddenly. "BABE!!" She glared at me, then flicked a gust of wind to push me back to the floor. "You girls are so mean to me!" I groaned.

A few minutes later, Aries, Pisces, and Libra all arrived as well. We all sat on the edge of the fountain or on nearby benches facing each other. Sagittarius unzipped her backpack and pulled out various unspecified gray lumps, calling them 'sandwiches'. I knew better than to fall for such an obvious attempt at assassination, and quietly slid it into my pocket.

The others soon followed my example. Well, other than one particular fiery explosion. Ah Aries, you stupid, lovesick fool. As if sensing my thoughts, he quickly sent a glare in my direction. I blew a kiss back.

While the two idiots lacking taste-buds continued to chomp away at their lumps, the rest of us talked about random things, ranging from which bald celebrities we would take out on a date to which foods we wished we were allergic to so that we'd have an excuse not to eat them (*cough* gray Sagittarius lumps *cough*).

Then, things took a turn for the worst.

Sagittarius turned towards Aries as she finished up her sandwich. She stared at his face, then brought her hand up to his cheek. "You got a little something on your face," she giggled, brushing off the crumbs.

Oh no.

Aries's face turned a bright red color, as bright as flame. Unfortunately, so did the fountain. If my words aren't descriptive enough to understand..... boom boom boom boom.

We ducked to the ground as shattered concrete and water flew through the air. Aquarius created a makeshift 'air shield' to deflect the shards, but it wasn't that effective. Finally, the explosion finished, and all that was left was a giant pile of rubble and water leaks.

We all stood there staring, mouths agape, until finally Aquarius spoke. "Aries, you liTERAL IDIOT!" He turned towards her, the shock still on his face.


"That doesn't exactly matter now, does it?! That was one of the most famous landmarks in this entire godforsaken town, and now it's gone!" The two continued yelling back and forth at each other.

Libra stepped forwards and lifted the both of them into the air, ceasing their bickering. "SHUT UP! Both of you!" She dropped them both back to the floor. Concern was etched onto her face. She wasn't looking at them though, but at a group approaching from the distance. "Someone's coming."

"Ah, shit." Aquarius quietly cursed.

A small group of six people stopped in front of the rubble a few yards away from where we were standing. I recognized most of them. They were all other students from our school. Rumors had been flying around about them lately. Not as many as us, but a large enough amount for me to have heard them.

Understandably too. They weren't the group you'd usually picture to be friends. Scorpio was the school loner. Not really the type to hang around the bubbly girl. I still wasn't quite sure who she was other than the fact that she was a new student, but I knew the other two as well. Taurus and Capricorn. They were known for not being very approachable, since they only ever hung out with each other.

Lastly, there was little miss perfect herself, Virgo, and...

"LEO?!" He looked equally as confused.

"Gemini?? What are you doing here?" He paused, looking at the destruction. "Did you have something to do with this?" I opened my mouth to reply, but before any words could come out, the new girl interrupted.

"Do you guys have powers, too?" My — and quite possibly everyone else's as well — shock grew even more. I didn't even think that was possible.

Virgo put her hand on the new girl's shoulder. "Cancer! You can't just-!"

"Yeah, we do." Aquarius answered the girl, Cancer's, question. "So, that means all of us have these... powers?"

"I... guess it does." Sagittarius responds, her face brightening up as the realization hits her.

Before another one of us could continue the conversation, the sound of sirens surrounded us.

A/N: 🚨Wee ooo wee ooo🚨 author here to explain this chapter! I know my writing is a bit confusing 😌. Basically, Aries got flustered and accidentally used his powers, hence the fountain blew up. Cancer, seeing no explosives, realized it might've been the cause of something supernatural. Hope that makes sense ;-;. Anyways, thanks for reading! See you all next chapter! <3

~ Lem

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