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A/N: Hi!! Sorry I haven't posted a new chapter in a while, summer school's been very time consuming for me. And because of it, I haven't been able to say this yet, but thank you all so much for 700 reads! I honestly never thought this story would do this well, but here we are. So, thank you! I'll stop rambling now and just let you read the chapter... Enjoy! <3

~ Leminaon 💕

Pisces POV

"Is this some sort of joke?"

"What are you talking about?" Libra laughed awkwardly, giving the woman her signature smile. The nurse gave her a pointed look and crossed her arms across her chest.

"I'm going to need to ask you both to leave, or I'm taking you to the principal's office."

"The principal's office?? Why?!" Libra exclaimed.

"I have a very busy schedule, and I certainly don't have time to deal with childish pranks. Leave. Now."


"Now, Libra!" The nurse yelled. Libra huffed, and pulled my hand to drag us both out.

Once we were back in the hall, Libra started pacing back and forth, grumbling in frustration. "I can't believe her! Teachers these days!! Literal trash!" I looked down at the floor, a frown growing on my face.

Nice going, loser. You've had a crush on this girl since the third grade and the first time you talk to her, you barely escaped getting her sent to the principal's office. Quite the charmer you are.

Libra sighed before glancing up at me. "I'm sorry Pisces, you're the one who's injured, not me. I shouldn't be blowing up like this. If anything you should be the one who's mad!" I held my breath as she gently caressed my injured cheek. "Does it still hurt?"

"N-no..." I managed to say, despite my face resembling the color of a strawberry. Her eyebrows were knitted together in concentration.

"That's strange..." She mumbled.


"Your cut... it's— it's gone!" My hand immediately flew up to my face, smacking the place the cut was.

And sure enough, Libra was right. There was a small smudge of blood, but besides that, there was no evidence of any injury. The cut was gone.

"That's so—"

"—awesome!!" Libra squealed. That was definitely not the word I was going to use, but I guess it worked. "Holy crap, Pisces! You're like a superhero, or something!"

"Yeah, definitely not." I said, blowing a piece of hair out of my face.

"Aw, come on! Cuts that deep don't just heal. And I saw that thing. It was bleeding just a few minutes ago! There's no way something like that could just disappear." She exclaimed.

I wanted to believe her. In fact, a small part of me already did. But... really? The bullied loner kid mysteriously gets superpowers out of the blue? That's just way too cliche to possibly be true.

"Thank you for your help today, Libra. Really. But, I gotta go to class. Sorry." I apologized, walking away from her.

"Pisces?! Don't just leave!" She was probably going to hate my guts after this, but that's okay. There wasn't any chance she'd actually like a guy like me, anyways. Better not to get my hopes up, I guess. "STOP!"

Suddenly, I couldn't feel the ground under me anymore. Did the floor disappear?! No... it was still there. I was the one who was floating. Wait, floating!?!

I looked around frantically, flailing my arms around, almost like a fish would, but I wouldn't fall down. I turned towards Libra for help to find her eyes practically glowing like flashlights. Don't tell me...

"Oh my god...!" Libra was still standing on the ground, but everything around her — including me — was floating, almost like everything except for her had just lost its gravity. "I'M A SUPERHERO TOO! THIS IS SO COOL!!" She squealed. Even though I'm floating, I facepalm at her.

"No, not cool, Libra. Crazy! THIS IS CRAZY!" I yelled. Libra rolled her eyes at me in response.

"Oh, don't be such a party popper." She rolled her eyes, waving her hand in exasperation. At that moment, everything that was floating came crashing down. "Well, I guess you're right. We should probably go to class."

"YOU JUST MADE A BUNCH OF STUFF FLOAT AND YOU'RE THINKING ABOUT GOING TO CLASS?!" She looked at me with a straight face before bursting into laughter.

"Well, obviously not! Who do you think I am? You?" Libra laughed. I sighed loudly, making her smile brightly. "Come on! Let's go test these powers out!"

My sighs echoed down the hall as Libra grabbed my hand, dragging us both outside.

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