Holiday Side Story

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A/N: Yellooo! Lem here. Just wanted to say Merry Christmas and I hope you all had a great New Years! ❤️❤️

This side story is not connected to the plot, but I hope you still like it. I just thought it'd be fun to make ☺️. Enjoy! <3


Frosty winter air drifted through the empty hallways, echoing with a soft whistle. It was quiet, and all were asleep. All but two, of course. Up on the rooftop sat two... less than intelligent individuals — Aquarius and her stalker, Gemini.

All around them soft blankets covered the roof tiles, accompanied by two dozen cans of emptied monster energy drinks. The sleep deprived pair sat silently in the dark, leaning against each other as they stared into the sky. Unlike the star speckled sky however, the duo's eyes were devoid of light.

Replacing that light was a dark shade of red instead, fueled by pure stubborn will and three days without sleep. The window behind them opened with a soft click, but neither air sign bothered to acknowledge the sound. "Oh my god... Gemini?! Aquarius??"

"Mm... hi Sag.." The two mumbled in unison, eyes never leaving the midnight sky.

"What are you guys doing up here?! Is this where you've been for the past three days? All of us have been worried sick! Well, that's a lie. But most of us- no, that's also a lie. Okay fine, Libra and Cancer were very very concerned!"

"Wow, this illusion is reaaallly realistic, huh?" Gemini giggled, Aquarius laughing along with him.

Sagittarius gaped at the two air signs. "Jesus Christ you two are idiots.." she whispered.

"Hey Sag.." yawn "what's going on..?" Cancer walked up behind Sagittarius, still wrapped up in a blanket. Minutes prior, she had been awoken by footsteps on the roof, and ended up following Sagittarius's exact footsteps.

"Nothing Cancer, just go back to sleep." Sagittarius urged the half asleep girl softly. Her only response was soft snoring. Yes, that's right. She was asleep. While standing.

Behind them, another two zodiacs appeared — Scorpio and Taurus. Why exactly they as well were now on the roof, I'm sure you could guess.

"Cancey, why are you up here? Come back to bed." The also half asleep Taurus said, slurring her words as she hugged Cancer from behind. Contrasting to Taurus, Scorpio — thanks to the hug given to Cancer — was now completely awake.

Taking advantage of her sleepy attitude, Scorpio pushed Taurus off of Cancer and pulled the sleepy girl towards him, already pacing back to the window.

Sadly for Scorpio though, they weren't able to make an escape, for another two people showed up at the window and climbed onto the roof as well. He sighed as a now awake and angry Taurus approached him. "Goddammit."

"You are so dead, emo boy." she glared. Behind them, Libra poked her head in, a tired Pisces in tow.

"Oh, hey guys! What's going on? You having a party or something?"

Leo popped up suddenly behind them all. "Did someone say party?"

Sagittarius pinched the bridge of her nose, already getting a headache. "No, there-"

"Sick! Lemme go wake up Boom Boom Boy!" And with that, Leo was gone. Sagittarius angrily mumbled incoherent words under her breath. She quickly whipped back around, narrowing her eyes at the 'idiot couple'.

"Mind explaining why you two have been on the roof for the past three days?" Aquarius briefly glanced at her, then blinked slowly, taking in her surrounds.

"Wait, you guys are real?" she blinked again, with wider eyes this time.

"Yeah..?? Nevermind that, just tell us why in the world you guys went missing for a whole weekend."

Gemini giggled, flopping backwards out of exhaustion. "We're gonna rob Santa!"

"..." No one made a sound. They all gaped at the pure stupidity that was Gemini, and quite possible Aquarius, but definitely mainly Gemini.

~ After Explaining... Sorta ~

"So you're telling me because you wanted to take all of the presents from Santa, you two came up onto the roof to watch the sky for his sleigh, and because you were so sleep deprived you thought the sun was an illusion? And you survived for three days straight on nothing but monster energy drinks and Doritos??" Aquarius nodded slightly. Gemini had fallen asleep while talking.

Sagittarius sighed. "You... you... y-"

"YO IDIOTS!" The zodiacs on the roof glanced down to the feminine voice coming from below. Looking back up at them was Virgo and Capricorn, arms full of marked boxes. "What the hell are you all doing on the roof?"

Libra skipped over towards the edge and cupped her hands over her mouth like a megaphone. "WE FOUND AQUARIUS AND GEMINI HERE!"

Capricorn stared at the group with a puzzled expression. "You mean you didn't know they were up there this whole time?" Everyone, minus Virgo, stared at him.


"Yeah..?" Capricorn raised an eyebrow. "Don't tell me you guys haven't seen them up there this entire time.."

"Psh... of course we did." Libra scoffed nervously. The two earth signs rolled their eyes.

Virgo sighed. "Anyways, Cap and I went to the store while you guys were asleep and got these for tonight." She shook the mysterious box.

"Drugs?" Taurus guessed.

Capricorn glared at her. "No, fireworks."

"Who needs explosives when we already got one of our own?" Leo appeared again, crawling through the window. This time, his clothes were partly burnt and his hair a frizzy mess. It only took one look at the pissed off individual standing behind him for everyone to guess how that had happened.

"I'm not your personal firework." Aries sneered. Leo ignored him.

"Anyways, you guys should really get down there before you-"

"woAH!" Taurus yelled, slipping on the frosty tiles, simultaneously taking down everyone with her — other than Libra and Pisces of course, who were floating in the air courtesy of Libra.

"...slip." Virgo finished. Capricorn muffled his laughter. Quite poorly, but he tried at least.

Taurus sat up, spitting out a mouthful of snow. "Whoops."

"TAURUS!!" An angry mob of zodiacs — not including the ones who were still asleep — yelled.

The rest of the day consisted of Taurus being chased around by the others, Cancer baking more Christmas cookies with the assistance of Pisces, the air signs (plus Leo) throwing fireworks at one another, and of course, the midnight countdown. It was a chaotic New Year's, but a great one nonetheless.

The End. Happy Holidays! <3

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