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Capricorn POV

"That will be all for today. Please review the handout I passed out earlier and have your worksheet completed by tomorrow."

I wrote down the homework in my notebook, then shoved it into my backpack. It had only been a few hours and my bag was already unreasonably heavy. God, I needed to write smaller notes.

When I got outside, Taurus still wasn't out of class yet, so I stood next to the door and waited. Minutes later, her class was dismissed and she stomped out angrily. Before I could say anything, she put a hand up to my face.

"Lunch first, talk later." Deciding not to push her further, I nodded slowly and walked next to her.

When we finally got to our usual spot outside, Taurus aggressively ripped open her bag and unwrapped her sandwich. Growling, she shoved half of it into her mouth.

"I SCHAN'T BEEIEVE HERM! THACHT BEISCH!" Taurus yelled suddenly, food still crammed in her mouth.

"Swallow before speaking, you animal." I scoffed, taking the other half of her sandwich so she wouldn't choke trying to down the rest. She chewed quickly, trying to eat the sandwich as fast as humanly possible. It kind of reminded me of a chipmunk.

Taurus took a few deep breaths before speaking. "That BITCH OF A SCIENCE TEACHER GAVE ME DETENTION!" My eyes widened in alarm.

"What?! Why?" Taurus hated school, that much was obvious. But even so, she was never the type to get in trouble, let alone get thrown in detention.

"I was just eating some chips and she freaked out saying it was against her class rules or something! Does it look like I care, lady? Honestly!" She huffed in exasperation, falling backwards onto the grass. "Jeez, it's only been a few hours and I already want to take a nap..."

While she closed her eyes, I ripped off a small piece of her sandwich and tossed it into my mouth. Damn, that sandwich was good.

"Uh cap..!" She whispered quietly, tapping my shoulder vigorously.

"Hm?" I looked down at her and my mouth was immediately left agape. The green grass she was laying on just seconds earlier was now brown and withered, almost as if all of the life had been drained out of it. "What the hell..."

I picked up one of the grass blades and watched as it crumbled in my hand. "What happened?" I met her wide eyes. She opened and closed her mouth, lost for words.

"I-I don't know, I was just laying there, I swear!" I bit my lip and looked at her skeptically. Taurus leaped from her crouched position and started pacing in a circle, slowly gaining speed the more she walked.

"What are you doing now?" I groaned. "Seriously Taur, stop pacing, you're giving me a headache."

She rapidly shook her head, speeding up even more. "I don't know what's happening, I feel like I'm overflowing with energy!"

"Just calm down-"

"NO!" Her eyes widened at the tone she had used. Even I was surprised. Taurus doesn't raise her voice often, especially not at me. "I'm sorry, Cap, I-"

Her apology was cut off as her lip started trembling. Her entire body was shaking, twitching uncontrollably. Her eyes darted to the nearby track, and in seconds she was running towards it.

"TAURUS! STOP!" I hurriedly picked up both of our bags then ran after her. By the time I had finally caught up, she was already on her third lap. I stood by the side and watched her continue. Four. Seven. Twelve.

When Taurus finally finished her thirteenth lap, she stopped running and collapsed on the nearby ground. I hurried over to her and kneeled next to her head.

"Taurus, how did you do that?!" I exclaimed. Never in my life had I seen her run more than a single lap without nearly dying of exhaustion. She sat up weakly and clutched onto my shirt, shoving her head into it.

It took me a few seconds to realize it, but she was crying. Taurus raised her head to look at me, and I watched as tears streamed down her face.

"What's happening to me?"

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