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Cancer POV

The four of us sat in silence, the only sound being the crunching of apple fritters. Mainly from Taurus, who was eating the entire bag like there was no tomorrow. Finally, Scorpio spoke up.

"Can you stop eating the stupid desserts and tell us what the hell you're doing at our table?" He asked, obviously annoyed.

"Please." I added on.

"Yeah, that would be much appreciated, Taurus." The boy sitting next to her said, glaring at the girl. She simply rolled her eyes, swallowing the last of the fritters.

"Calm your man titties, Crappycorn. I had a weird dream, that's all." Taurus explained, licking the remaining crumbs off of her fingers.

My eyes lit up. "A dream?"

"Yeah. You were in it, actually. Making some weird... I don't know- force field? But it was dark everywhere, and there were a bunch of loud explosions. Something about it felt weirdly real, so I guess I kinda went a little crazy because of it."

"A little?" Both boys repeated at the same time. She scowled at them both, crossing her arms and sinking into her chair.

"Psh, whatever. Anyways, I still don't trust you." She looked at me and narrowed her eyes slightly, making Scorpio glare back. Suddenly, she sniffed the air, looking around for something. "What's that smell? Cinnamon..?"

"Oh!" I reached back into my bag, and pulled out another container. "Sorry, I also brought a couple cinnamon rolls. Does it bother you? I can throw them away if they do.." Her eyes widened, and she shook her head vigorously.

"No, actually, they smell amazing. I just um..." Taurus fumbled with her words, trying to find the right words.

"Do you want some?" Her face lit up at this.

"Wait, really?" I nodded, pushing the little dessert towards her, along with a plastic fork I'd brought with it. She ate it quickly, squealing in delight. "You made this piece of heaven?" I smiled in confirmation.

I flinched as she lurched across the table and grabbed both of my hands. "Cancer, please forget everything I said earlier. WOULD YOU MAKE ME THE HAPPIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD AND MARRY ME?"

Scorpio pushed her hands away and wrapped an arm around my shoulder, smiling tightly. "No."

"Did you seriously propose to a girl you literally just met because of food?" Capricorn scoffed, massaging the bridge of his nose. She turned to face him.

"Yeah? And?" Capricorn rolled his eyes. Taurus turned her attention back to us. "And the last time I checked, your name isn't Cancer, Scorpio."

"Well the last time I checked, you were accusing Cancer of attempted murder." Scorpio retorted.


"It literally happened two minutes ago. What the hell do you mean by the past??"

She huffed in exasperation, slamming her head onto the table frustratedly. "JESUS, FINE! If I can't have her as my wife, I'll just settle with best friend!"

"Yay!" I cheered, clapping softly.

Wow, I've only been at this school for what- two days? And I already got a best friend! Shocking, really, considering how half the time I'm an emotional wreck who uses baking to cope with my problems.

"Wait, I thought I was your best frie-"

"SHUT UP, CAP! NO ONE CARES!" Taurus yelled.

Suddenly, a nearby trash can was knocked over, revealing a startled girl. She stared at us, a mortified expression on her face. All of us were shocked, minus Capricorn who was watching the scene unfold with a bored expression.

"She's been there the entire time. You guys really didn't notice?" Ignoring him, Scorpio turned back towards Taurus.

"Is she with you?"

"No...? I don't even know who that is."

The girl gasped slightly, looking offended. "I'VE BEEN IN YOUR CLASS SINCE THE SECOND GRADE!" She yelled. Taurus shrugged, swallowing the other cinnamon roll.

"Um... I'm sorry, but who are you?" I asked with a nervous smile.

"Why are you here?" Scorpio added bluntly.

"My name's Virgo. I didn't mean to eavesdrop on you guys, I swear! It's just I heard a little bit of your conversation and..."


"I have a... a friend I guess. And he's... been dealing with some stuff, and it just sort of sounded a bit similar to whatever you were talking about. He's been having really weird dreams as well, and it just sounded so familiar! So... I don't know. I thought maybe I could help him somehow..? It's stupid, I know." She explained nervously, tugging on the ends of her sleeves.

When no one said anything, I pulled out the chair next to me. "Virgo, right? Here, come have a seat." Hesitantly, she listened, sitting down. "Recently... a couple of us have been experiencing some supernatural-ish things. We're all really confused and overall just lost, so I don't think what you did was stupid.

"Actually, I think that was amazing of you to do something so selfless. None of us have any clue what's been going on, so any information you might have would be really great if you're willing to share..?" She nodded with a small smile.

Sniffling across the table made all of us turn to look at the source. "Taurus? Are you... crying?" She sniffled again, wiping at her eyes.

"Oh my god! That was so sweet I think I might have diabetes! You're gonna be such a great Mom someday, Cancey-Dancey!" She sobbed.

"Yes, she is." Scorpio agreed. Taurus glared at him, immediately not crying anymore.

"You implying something, pretty boy?"

"No. Are you?"

The two of them had a brief stare down, then before any of us could stop her, Taurus was lunging at him with her fists swinging. Thankfully, Scorpio dodged her attacking, so all she did was end up face-first on the floor.

Taurus looked up from the ground, and yelled, "FIGHT ME, YOU COWARD!"

Scorpio grinned bitterly. "No."

I laughed as Taurus continued insulting him, Scorpio only giving curt, sarcastic replies. This group all together was chaotic. Very chaotic, actually.

But in a really weird way... I kind of liked it.

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