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Helloooo again! Literally just last chapter we reached 700 reads, and now we're already at 1,000!! What?! That's crazy! Coincidentally, it's also my birthday today, so thank you all for the unintentional — but still greatly appreciated — gift! Anyways, I just wanted to say thank you for everything that all of you have done. So, thanks! Enjoy the chapter!

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Aquarius POV

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Aquarius POV

"Go on a date with me."

"No." I said for the seventeenth time today, speeding up my pace as he followed me through the forest.



"Pleaaaaasse!" He cried. I rolled my eyes at his begging, throwing a nearby stick at his face.


"Pretty please with chocolate covered cherries and melted whipped cream on top!" I turned to Gemini, a disgusted look on my face.

"First of all, ew. Second, no."

"Come on, what's so bad about dating me?!"

I raised my eyebrow, looking him up and down. "Everything."

"LET IT GOOO! LET IT GO~!" He started to sing, spinning around obnoxiously.

"CAN'T HOLD IT BACK ANYMO- wait. Why are we singing?"

"Since you're so cold, I thought the only language you spoke was that of the ice queen herself." I gritted my teeth, socking him in the stomach.

"OW! What'd you do that for?!" He whined, clutching his stomach in pain. Serves you right, bEECh.

"I feel bad for your singular brain cell. It must be so lonely." I knocked on his head with my fist, surprised not to hear a hollow sound.

"Huh? What's that supposed to—" Distant voices make me put a finger up to Gemini's mouth, shushing him.

Sagittarius has told us to find some place in the forest to practice our abilities since no one ever comes in here, but I could've sworn I just heard someone's voice.

"What are you—" I glared at him and covered his mouth with my hand, quickly shoving the both of us behind the cover of a tree trunk.

"Shut up for once in your life and listen."

"LIBRA! PUT ME DOWN!" A male voice shrieked. Gemini and I peeked over the tree to find a girl — Libra, I assume — twirling her finger in circles, everything around her floating in the air. She laughed before dropping the boy, and everything else down.

"Hehe, sorry Pisces! Floating you around is just so fun!" She giggled. I glanced at the boy, amazed. I had never seen a human turn such a green color before.

"God, I think I'm going to be sick." The boy grumbled, leaning over a bush to puke.

Just then, Gemini stepped on a twig, making a loud snapping sound. Libra was immediately alert, looking around in panic. "What was that?"

"You idiot!" I whispered harshly at him. In response, he snickered, only fueling my fury further.

"Who's there?!" She called out. Before I could stop him, the idiot left our hiding spot, walking out without a care in the world.

"The man of your dreams." He winked. Both of us gagged synchronously.

"Ew no." Oh my god, someone who finally understood me!

"DAMN IT! Why are you girls so cruel?!" He cried, wiping away fake tears. I decided there was no point in hiding anymore, so I left the tree behind as well.

"Just ignore him. Anyways, I saw what you did there. Making everything float and stuff." I twirled my fingers around, trying to re-create the scene that had just unfolded.

She gulped nervously. "O-oh, you...did? Hah..." Suddenly, the girl was on her knees, bowing down to me. "PLEASE DON'T TURN ME IN TO SOME SCIENCE LAB! PLEASE! I'M TOO YOUNG TO BE USED AS A LABRAT!"

"Uh, I won't..?" I wasn't quite sure how to answer.

"Really?" She perked up immediately, all previous worries long forgotten.

"I mean, unless you want me to."

"NO! No! That's fine!" She yelled quickly. I nodded slowly, trying not to make the girl freak out again.

"Well anyways, we think you're one of the twelve."


"Eleven other people like you who have powers. Like Gemini and I." I motioned my head towards Gemini who was in hysterics, watching the boy who she called Pisces throw up. I scowled at him before returning my gaze to Libra.

"You have powers too?!" She exclaimed, jumping up and down like a child would. "Oh my god, that's so cool! Show me!"

"Maybe later, but I think we should meet with the others first and tell them we found another." I was already pulling out my phone, texting Sagittarius.

"Right! Oh wait, Pisces is a superhero as well! He can come too, right?"

"Superhero? That guy?" I pointed at the sickly boy, making sure I heard her right.

"Yeah! He had this cut on his face and it healed in like two minutes!"

I glanced back at Pisces. "Well, you're right about him being one of us."

"I am?!"

"She is?!" Gemini shouted at the same time she did.

"Yeah. Besides our powers, we all heal super quick. And we can run faster than normal." I glared at him. "Haven't you noticed?"


"I'm not surprised..." I mumbled, massaging the bridge of my nose.

"U-um, well once he's done there, we'd be happy to come with you!" Libra smiled, looking at Pisces with a slightly worried expression.

Gemini was now beating his fist in the air, chanting to Pisces as if he was cheering for some football game. I sighed, dragging my hand down my face in exasperation.

This was going to be a long day.

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