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Virgo POV

"And just whoooo the hell are YOU?" Gemini said to the woman approaching us. Aquarius punched him in the stomach without taking her eyes away from the lady. He whined. None of us really cared.

However, the woman seemed to take no offense at Gemini's idiocy, and continued to smile. She really did have a beautiful smile.. "I apologize for my people and I's rudeness. We're just so elated that you're finally here!"

I pulled my eyebrows together, only becoming more confused. "I'm sorry — your people??"

The woman nodded, then curtsied, her dress shimmering like a thousand stars. "Yes, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Princess Ophichus. Welcome to Zodia, kingdom of the planets, moons, and stars above. We've been eagerly awaiting your arrival, zodiacs."

"Hold on, lady," Taurus interrupted, massaging her temple. "What?"

"We've been waiting for you?" The princess lady repeated, tilting her head.

"No-no-no, the part before that. This is the kingdom of what now?"

She smiled. "The planets, moons, and stars above,"

Taurus stared at the woman in disbelief. "Holy shit."

Libra was the next to speak. "This is so... awesome!!" She squealed. The rest of us stared at her. "What? This is amazing! We just went to like, a whole other planet! THAT'S SO COOL!"

Ignoring Libra, I turned back towards the princess. "What were you talking about after that? The whole part about 'waiting for us'?"

She continued to smile at us, and at this point I couldn't tell if she was ditzy or straight up evil. "Why, you're the zodiacs, of course!"

"The wha??" All of us said at once.

The princess gasped, then put her hand over her mouth. "Oh dear, you don't know, do you?"

"Well no shit??" Scorpio said. Leo stifled a laugh behind him.

"Pardon our friend, he's a little rude to pretty much everybody. Don't mind him. Could you please explain what's going on?" I spoke to the princess, ignoring Scorpio's glaring eyes at me.

"It would be my pleasure!" The princess went back to smiling. "This is Zodia, the kingdom of the stars. My people and I are the guardians of the galaxy. We work to keep and restore balance when things go wrong. Most planets already know of us, so I wasn't expecting all of you not to already be aware. I sincerely apologize,"

Well, now I felt bad for calling her ditzy and evil. "No, it's fine. Thank you."

She grinned. "Earth is one of the only planets who don't already know of Zodia's existence, so I apologize if some of this comes off as shocking. Moving on," She opened her arms wide, motioning towards all of us. "You twelve, are what's known as the zodiacs."

"The zodi-huh?"

"Zodiacs. Using the power of the stars, we search far and wide for twelve of the most suitable candidates to be our champions."

"I really did not sign up for this." Sagittarius whispered.

"When there is trouble, the zodiacs are summoned. Chosen by the stars, I suppose you could say. From there, you are transported here, to Zodia, where you will undergo training and instructions."

I covered my face with my hands. "I'm sorry, this is just.. a lot."

"That's quite all right! We can continue this talk tomorrow. But for now, I'm sure you're all tired from your journey. We weren't quite sure as to when you would be arriving, so I apologize if the rooms aren't to your standards. There wasn't much time to prepare."

I smiled at the princess. "That would be wonderful, thank you so much!"

"Virgo!" A couple of my friends hissed. I turned towards them.


In a quiet voice, they whispered to me harshly, pointing at the princess. "You're just trusting her like that?!"

I looked at them oddly. "..yeah??" They facepalmed. I ignored them all, following after the princess. "If you prefer to sleep on the streets, that's perfectly fine with me!" I called out to them.

All of them looked at each other, before running to catch up. I snickered at their desperation.

There were still a lot of questions to be answered, but for now, sleep was calling.

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