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Aries POV

"Have a great first day at school, honey! But I swear to god, if you come home with another black eye I'll skin you alive!"

"Love you too, Ma." I rolled my eyes.

"I'M SERIOUS YOUNG MAN! GET INTO ONE MORE FIGHT AND YOU'RE GROUNDED UNTIL YOU'RE SIX FEET UNDER." She threatened. I continued walking, waving to my screaming mother.

At the sight of the school, I visibly scowled. All students within a twenty feet radius scrambled away, treating me as if I was an ex-convict. Typical. I felt stupid, hoping that this year would be different than the rest. Discouraged, I entered inside.

Everyone inside parted the hallways, giving me a straight path to my first class. As expected, no one sat next to me. In fact, every seat near me was unoccupied. Not even the teacher would look me directly in the eye. When the bell finally rang, I stormed out of the class, stopping at my locker. The lock refused to budge, making me slam it at the door in frustration.

"Calm down there, buddy! Wouldn't want you breaking your locker door, now would we?" A familiar snarky voice commented.

"Screw off, Adam." I gritted my teeth.

"I see you haven't changed. Tell me, Aries. How've those anger management classes been going? Any... improvement?" I ignored him — barely — and returned my focus to the lock.

"Now now Aries, it's not nice to ignore your friends!" He pressed on.

"Leave." I clenched my jaw.

"No, I don't think I will. You can't make me after all. What did the principal say again? 'Get into another fight and you're suspended'? No... that wasn't it. Ah! I remember. Get into one more fight," He leaned his face forward, smirking ear to ear. "And you'll be expelled."

I punched the locker door with my fist with so much force I could feel the metal denting, but along with the dents came sparks.

"The hell-"

A large explosion sent the both of us flying backwards, slamming into the other lockers. I coughed, trying to wave away all of the smoke. When it all finally cleared, I stood up off the ground and walked forward. Sitting on the floor was the locker door, that just seconds ago was attached to the locker.

In the center of the crumpled blue door was a giant black mark. Smoke was radiating off of it in little burning wisps. I flinched as I felt someone's hand on my shoulder. Standing next to me was a girl. Her expression was one of worry, yet strangely enough relief as well.

"No time to explain. Just be quiet and follow me." She ordered, already pulling my hand. I didn't protest, still trying to process what just happened. She shoved the both of us into a janitor's closet, locking the door.

"What are you-" She put a finger to her mouth, shushing me, before pointing to the closed door. We both moved closer and listened closely.

"WHERE THE HELL IS EMBER?!" Ferguson, the principal yelled. Even through the door I could hear him cursing. "AND WHAT ARE YOU ALL DOING HERE STANDING AROUND?! GET TO CLASS!" The sounds of him stomping away echoed throughout the hallway as the crowd dispersed.

I turned towards the girl. She didn't even speak and I knew what she was saying. Her expression said it all.

Told you so~!

I scowled, leaning towards her. "Why the hell did you bring me here?"

"I've never liked lying, so I guess I'll just come out and say it. You were the one who did that back there." She said, motioning her head outside.

"Did what?" I questioned.

"The explosion, dumbass." She facepalmed. My eyes widened.

"No. That wasn't— I couldn't have— what are you talking about?!" I stuttered, knitting my eyebrows together in frustration.

"You know, the thing that went boom..?" She answered sarcastically.

"I know what an explosion is. But what do you mean I made it??"

"Simple. You got mad, hands went sparky sparky, then KABOOM!" She explained, making a fake explosion with her hands.

"You're insane." I scoffed, making her roll her eyes.

"I'm telling you the truth." She said firmly, crossing her arms.

"Fine. Hypothetically, let's say this is real, and I did make that explosion... what do you have to do with all of this? Why are you helping me?" I narrowed my eyes at her.

"It's quite simple really," I raised my eyebrow at her.

"You're not the only one with powers."

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