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A/N: This chapter was brought to you by four hours of sleep and a hell of a lot of caffeine.

Hope you enjoy! 😃

Pisces POV

"Are we seriously doing this right now?" I groaned.

Taurus gave me a bright smile. "Cope, crybaby." she giggled.

I narrowed my eyes at her. "I will literally stab you in the kidney."

"Do it, then. You don't got the balls to go through with it." Taurus laughed, tilting her head as she crossed her arms.

"Alright, let's settle down, kiddos." Sagittarius came over, ending the argument.

"Whatever.." I mumbled, bringing my attention back to the symbols currently being drawn in the dirt. All of us were standing in a strange circle as Cancer walked around with a stick, drawing on the ground.

"You sure those were the exact patterns in your dream?" Capricorn said, his expression skeptical.

"It'd be pretty hard to forget them," Cancer chuckled lightly. I admired her drawing ability. The symbols were intricate and detailed, and definitely didn't look like ones you'd expect to be so casually drawn in the dirt. I still thought this entire ordeal was ridiculous though. "Okay.. one more line aaaand.. done!"

"Alright, so what do we do next? I'm sure there has to be some sort of activation process beyond just drawing a circle with lines in it." Capricorn asked.

"Next, we have to be in the correct order, I'm pretty sure." Since she was the only one who knew what in the hell we were supposed to do, Cancer directed us around the circle so that we all had our own designated spots. To the left of me was Aries and to the right was Aquarius.

Why was this necessary again?

Cancer scurried over to her spot — in between Gemini and Leo — before giving us the next directions. "Okay, now comes the final part," she paused, looking at the floor. "Are we sure about this? I.. I don't even know what will happen after this."

Capricorn gave her a deadpan look. "Well, it's not like we have many other options, now do we?"

She pursed her lips and nodded slowly. "Alright. Now," she grabbed Leo and Gemini's hands suddenly. "we all have to hold hands." After some minor discomfort, everyone followed her instructions. "Good. This is the final part. Does everyone see the symbol you're standing in front of?"

I looked down. Below me were two fish, each coming together to form one whole. The other did the same, viewing their symbols. "Starting with Aries, one at a time announce your name and which sign you are." Well, that sounds simple enough. "Oh, right! There's one more part I forgot." Damn it. "This uh.. might complicate things a little bit."

"It can't be that bad!" Taurus said.

"Well, you all know how when you.. do the power thingy and your eyes glow and stuff?" Cancer explained. I nodded. "After you announce your sign, you have to activate your power during the rest of the process as well. Preeeeferably without actually using the power. If that makes sense?"

Aries glared at the ground in focus, and then after a few seconds his eyes glowed a bright red. Sagittarius clapped her hands. The rest of us tried it out as well — for safety reasons. When we were all ready, the process began.

Just as Cancer instructed, Aries went first. "Aries, sign of the ram." The rest went around as well, finally ending with me.

"Pisces, sign of the fish." As soon as those words left my mouth, the drawings below began to shimmer brightly, almost like a million stars were trapped inside of them. I was tempted to withdraw my hands to cover my eyes from the bright light, but held back.

The light disappeared, and everything was silent yet again. I let my shoulders sag back down, taking a deep breath of relief. Gemini laughed a bit. "Well, that wasn't as bad as I th- aH!" And then, the ground below us cracked open, sucking all twelve of us in like a black hole.

Well damn.


Everything went dark.

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