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Taurus POV

"What's happening to me?" I cried, clutching onto Capricorn's shirt with shaky hands.

Capricorn was the smart one out of the two of us. He was the responsible one. He was the mature one. He always knew what to do. He had to know. He had to. My eyes bore into his as I waited for him to say something; anything. His mouth opened, but still no words escaped.

"Cap?" I said, my voice nothing but a whisper. He gently pushed my head into his chest, rubbing my back softly.

"I don't know, Taur." I inhaled sharply at his words. "I... don't know." We stayed in that position for a while, until I finally calmed down. He stuck his hand out and helped me off of the ground. Capricorn stared at the floor, seeming to be lost in thought.

"What'cha thinking about?" I asked, poking his forehead.

"What just happened..." I retracted my hand slowly. "I don't know what that was. But I will — eventually. I promise. For the time being, though, until we figure out... whatever that was, let's keep this to ourselves. Who knows how others would react. It's probably for the best if we keep it a secret all together."

I reached up to his face and pulled his cheeks upwards, undoing his frown. I grinned at his uncomfortable half smile. "Okay, Cappy."

"TAURUS!" I snapped out of my daze at the sound of my mother's voice.


"Are you okay, sweetie? You've hardly touched your food." She asked with a concerned expression.

I stabbed the lasagna on my plate and shoved a giant piece into my mouth. "Mm-hm!" I nodded, doing a thumbs up.

"Taurus-hun, are you sure you're feeling alright?" My father added on, looking at me skeptically. I quickly swallowed down the rest of the food I had stuffed inside my mouth.

"Yes. Yup. Yeah. Si. Oui. Ja. Indeed. Of course. Nothing to worry about here! No sir!" I rambled nervously. This obviously made my parents even more suspicious of me. "Well, thanks for the grub! I gotta go uh- study! Yeah! Big math test tomorrow! Don't want to fail on the second day of school, do I? So... adios!"

"TAURUS!" I ignored their calls, running up the stairs to my room.

I locked the bedroom door and sighed in relief. I mean, I did actually have a math test tomorrow, so part of what I said was technically the truth. Still doesn't mean I'm going to study, though. Exhausted from the emotional drainage of the day, I flopped down onto my bed, and drifted off into a restless sleep.



He narrowed his eyes at me. "What?"

"OKAY, SO YOU KNOW OUR CLASSMATE- eep!" I quickly ducked behind Capricorn's locker door, pulling him behind with me.

"Taurus, what the actual hell is wrong with y-"

"Just shut up and watch!" I whispered sharply. He shook his head at me, but listened nonetheless.

My eyes followed the smiling girl meticulously, watching her every move suspiciously. She looked innocent enough. But was that a ruse of some sort? An act to throw us off her trail? She did have the school's delinquent following her around like a lost puppy, after all. Was it possible that she terrified him so badly that he's now forced to obey her every whim?! How unsuspectingly devious!

"Taurus..!" Capricorn hissed. I turned my head back towards him, annoyed. "Why exactly are we hiding behind a locker?" I rolled my eyes at him, and turned back towards the girl, only to find that she was gone.

"Damn it!" I cursed. Just then, I spotted a small lock of her hair turning down the hall. "AFTER HER, CAPPY!" I pulled his wrist, and soon enough we were sprinting down the hall.

We followed the pair to the empty — due to the early time — cafeteria, and hid next to a trash can. "Taurus! Why the hell are you stalking some girl?!" He demanded in a low voice. I pressed my finger to his lips, shushing him.

"I just made these last night! Try them!" The girl giggled. What an evil sound.

"Apple fritters?" Her servant replied.

"Yes! I used my Nana's recipe. Here, take this one!" She handed him the golden fritter. Oh lord, those smelled good. I slapped myself in the face and shook my head. Snap out of it, Taurus! Now is not the time to be hungry! Those fritters could be poisoned. Wait... Poison!

"DON'T EAT THAT DESSERT! IT'S BEEN POISONED!" I yelled suddenly, jumping out of my hiding spot. "YOUR EVIL DOINGS HAVE COME TO AN END, CANCER!"

No one spoke, all three of them staring at me with wide eyes. The silence was broken by a small crunch. Cancer gently bit into the apple fritter, looking confused. Tentatively, she reached inside of her bag and pulled another one out, handing it to me.

"Uhm, do you... want one? All you had to do was ask." She smiled.



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