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Capricorn POV

As red and blue lights flickered and swirled around the park, the twelve of us stood still, frozen from shock. How in the hell did someone manage to call the police in the two minutes we were standing here?!

"PUT YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR! YOU'RE SURROUNDED." An officer yelled through a megaphone.

A nearby Virgo sighed. "I have not gotten good grades for this long just for 'a failed terrorist attack' to ruin my college application." And then, she was running. "SEE YA, LOSERS!"

"Uhhh, this is kind of awkward but she's my math tutor and I kiiinda need her to pass high school soooo..." Leo ran in the same direction as well.

"Y'KNOW WHAT THEY SAY, BROS BEFORE HOES!" Gemini laughed, flipping off the police cars before going after Leo. The rest of us looked at each other, and then as if silently agreeing, we all ran after the three as well.

Thus began the chase.

Seven police cars followed after us, somehow not catching up to our running. Looking back behind us, I could tell why. The entire road we had run out of was barely one lane wide, not to mention the cop at the beginning of the line of cars was Old Ed, the oldest officer in our town at a whopping 87 years old. How in the world he was still employed was a mystery to us all.

"HURRY THE HELL UP, ED!" The officer in the car behind him yelled.

"Huh, whaa?? Speak louder, sonny! I don't have my hearing aids in today!" Well that was awfully lucky.

After a few minutes of this, they somehow managed to switch cars with Old Ed, and now we were barely keeping ahead thanks to these weird powers enhancing our running speed.





"aaaaaAAAHHHHHHHHH-" Gemini let out an unholy war cry, taking out a strange.. rock? No, a sandwich of sorts out of his pocket. Without hesitation, he threw it at the police cars chasing us. Even though the car he threw it at had a bullet proof windshield, the sandwich miraculously shattered it entirely, knocking out one of the cops with a hit on the head.

"GREAT THINKING, GEMINI!" Copying Gemini's actions, Aquarius, Libra, and Pisces took their sandwiches out and threw them as well. The damage was deadly.

"WHAT THE HELL, GUYS!" Sagittarius said, an offended look on her face.

Thanks to that devastating attack, now there were only four cars still on our tail. The chase continued for about another mile before we eventually got cornered by the parking lot of the school. Conveniently enough, the same parking lot was situated directly next to the forest, so you could guess where we ran next.

"STOP YOUR RUNNING!" We ignored the police officer's order — obviously. Our running didn't cease until we were completely hidden by the trees. Aquarius had somehow created gusts of wind to blow away any tracks we had left as well.

Finally, we stopped running. All of us fell over to the floor, panting like dogs. I, for one was well beyond exhausted. Not to mention stressed. Does this make us now considered criminals?

Libra stood up, making Pisces float behind her. Affecting gravity must've been her power, I suppose. "There's a small little stream near here Pisces and I found earlier this week. We can lead you guys there if you want some water." Grateful for some hydration, the entire group followed without any complaints.

When we got there, a few of us took turns drinking from the stream water — Pisces had assured us it was safe. After we were all done with that, we just kinda sat in a circle, leaning against the trees and all that.

The only noise was the quiet chirping of the birds and swishing of the tree branches. It looked like it was already getting close to sunset based on the orange hue of the sky. It was quiet. Normally, I might even describe it as peaceful. But in a weird way, it irked me — the tranquility in the midst of all this chaos.

Taurus was the one to break the silence. "What the hell are we supposed to do now?" It was a good question. It wasn't like most of us could just go home. This was a small town, and it probably wasn't that difficult to identify all of us. That included finding our addresses. So, that was obviously out of the question.

"It's already getting late and it's not like we can go anywhere with the cops trying to find us. Let's just rest here for now. We'll figure something out later, but right now we're all tired, so let's just get some shut eye for the time being." Everyone agreed with Aries's judgement, and soon enough we were all asleep, minus Scorpio who chose to keep watch just in case.

My eyes slowly crept shut, and I fell into the dream world. That was, until someone screamed.

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